Zornitsa Yordanova

Zornitsa Yordanova

I'm an elementary teacher 1st-4th grade.

Location Varna, Bulgaria



  • This course taught me a lot of film making in the classroom. I will organize a student film festival at my school.

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    This is our first claymation film made in literature class with my first graders last year: https://youtu.be/H4_brIbB1Gc

  • During the second week of training, I gathered a lot of ideas for using filmmaking in literature classes.

  • I will definitely share this video with my colleagues. Chris Whitney gives very good ideas and methodology that can be used in the classroom.

  • Wide shot, Long shot, Medium shot, Close up; Top shot, Eye level, Low angel; Panning, Crane, Steadicam

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    This is my single shot video: https://youtu.be/fn9SB7kFJ60

  • I used the one-shot films we talked about in the first week when my pupils dramatize short fairy stories with the paper hand puppets. Children feel like directors and more motivated to participate in literature studies. The desire to read books increased.

  • I would like my students to develop the following skills Performing within a role (eg director, sound designer etc.), Project management, Problem solving because these are skills that would be useful in activities in different professional and life situations.

  • Late last year after my kids finished their claymotion movies together we watched them on the big screen. The effect was wow! They were able to find out for themselves the mistakes they had made and commented on how it could have been better.

  • I could see: Extreme long/Wide shot, Long Shot, Medium long shot, Close up, Extreme close up

  • This is a practice in my classroom. In math classes, children explain mathematical actions in words. Making a film in such a situation will put them in the role of the teacher. This will increase their confidence that they are doing well and their motivation to learn.

  • I tried this approach with my students through flipgrid. But they are ashamed to stand with their faces in front of the camera and refuse to do this type of exercise.

  • Hello! I have been waiting a long time for this course to begin. My first graders and I did two claymotion workshops on fairy tales last year. I hope to learn more here and to offer children a better education.