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  • 1. The most interesting part of managing people in my view is when they demonstrate a high level of efficiency in their tasks and when they achieve the desired results you set as a target for them.
    2. It's challenging when one has to consider the varying views of people and select the best ones that serve the interest of the group without offending those...

  • What I gained from this course is unquantifiable. It's loaded with a lot of insights. Thank you our team of instructors.

  • @JennyPesina Thanks for the question. In my view,transformation and innovation in the context of digital learning are interrelated because both deal with making improvements on already existing technology. A case study is the shift in making instruction more learner centered to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Corruption in my view is the root cause of the other problems highlighted. So when corruption is effectively dealt with,these problems will be eliminated but of course that's hardly possible.

  • @ismaSeetal. Oh thanks. I use mobile learning very often because I'm always online. This has greatly impacted my knowledge base because I regularly interact with very informed learners and instructors globally and especially on this platform.

  • The challenge is usually the funds to drive my purpose. The skill is there,the desire is there and the world needs this problem solved but the resources to achieve this is limited.

  • I'm very confident that the world needs my purpose,I have the skill to achieve it and it is what I want to do although for now the resources to achieve it are not enough.

  • In my context,security and good governance are my major drives for policy making because I come from Nigeria,a country completely devoid of these elements. The absence of these elements are the root cause of the complete breakdown of a country like Nigeria.

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    I'm delighted to be part of this week's study.

  • The principle that reads,"the capacity to know more is more critical than what we already know" resonates well with me. This is the idea behind creativity. Learning is a continuous process,therefore,the more we know,the more we can know.

  • Indeed I've been applying the 3Cs in my engagement with learners on this platform and my previous knowledge about learning has been developed by my engagement with other learners. I must confess that the social learning features of this platform are great in terms of getting learners and experts to share knowledge. There is no distinction between a learner and...

  • My experience with mobile learning has been very rewarding. Thanks to mobile learning I've acquired two certificates so far on FutureLearn. My learning online is flexible and easily accessible. Interactions on this platform are very professional and friendly unlike the traditional or offline way which is most times rigid and uninteresting.

  • Yes there is no shadow of doubt that with digital learning everything is connected to everything. A case study is our interactions here on FutureLearn which has been made possible by digital learning. There are no barriers to online learning.

  • All the courses I've learnt on FutureLearn such as Communicating Across Cultures,Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work, Emotional Intelligence,etc have advanced my knowledge in the area of my communication style and my interaction with people from different backgrounds. All these was made possible via an online platform like this.

  • I'm more of an advancer because I take delight in developing new ideas or improving on existing ones. Self motivation is a principle that drives me to new levels of thoughts and practical development.

  • My motivation for learning is to be part of the process of developing our world.

    Digital learning has opened my mind to a lot of opportunities online especially having the privilege to learn on this platform, Future Learn,which has broadened my horizon of knowledge and has connected me with well informed minds that have shaped my perspective on a lot of...

  • Ali should have waited for everyone to finish sharing their ideas to make her input.

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    1. My first and second responses agree with the feedbacks, however,in the third scenario,I probably wouldn't have thought of requesting the contact's email or phone number for further follow up.
    2. Some times I feel better equipped.

  • 1. For tutors I'll choose the formal approach.
    2. For clients and students,I'll choose an informal approach.
    3. I'll want clients and students to be forthcoming and relaxed in interacting with me.

  • I like the tip on recording yourself communicate in a video and playing it back to see the areas of your communication that are weak and making corrections.

  • It's very important to be myself at work.

  • My communication preference is I like working with people to achieve a goal. Professor Casse's assessment is not accurate but close to it.

  • When I'm calm,I feel conscious of my communication and it creates a positive impact.

  • My name is Kyoive Henry and I'm a Nigerian. I've chosen to study this course to enable me improve on my communication skills regarding work place interactions.

  • @MrykaHB. Well unlike you, my view here is not an assumption but a fact. It is contextual not general because I live there and am aware of how the government in question manipulates figures to deceive the world but the truth is glaring.

  • The report card is a good idea of appraising a government,however,in my country Nigeria,corruption is so pervasive that these politicians don't care about whether any report card will expose them or not.

  • They're outstanding goals that if implemented can go a long way to address our current challenges but unfortunately some of these goals are achievable by only the wealthy nations while poor nations in the third world would have them existing at most on paper.

  • This "crisis in control" reflects my experience as well as hundreds of millions of others in my country Nigeria. Everyday the government gives us statistics of how the economy is improving and everyday poverty keeps increasing and people marvel at how corrupt the government has become. Things have practically got out of control as inflation is skyrocketing and...

  • I come from Nigeria where it has been a common practice for governments to focus on the GDP growth rate without regard for whether the standard of living of majority of Nigerians have greatly improved or not. Over the years since the early nineties,the value of the Nigerian currency has crashed due to very poor economic policies perpetrated by demonic...

  • Prosperity in my perspective can be seen in different ways including financial,health and relationships. In other words,prosperity in my view is the sum total of the satisfaction,fulfilment and freedom one gets in finances,health and relationships.

  • Everything is rooted in emotional awareness, therefore when we can develop the ability to be aware of when we are being controlled by our emotions,then we can tame it and behave appropriately.

  • I always make decisions based on logic rather than emotion because decisions based on emotions are most times counterproductive.

  • I'm Kyoive Henry from Nigeria. Sometimes I'm successful at managing my emotions,sometimes I'm not but it goes to show the human side of us which is normal. I remember a few times I was not in control of my emotions and it affected my relationship at work negatively. And I also remember a few times I exercised great control over my emotions and I was rewarded...

  • I don't recall my country Nigeria celebrating an inter country cultural event but locally,quite a number of events are held by several cultures to showcase their cultural heritage.

  • Cultural cooperation aims at promoting peace and harmony as well as mutual sharing of creative talents to drive development.

  • I believe the overriding objectives that diplomats pursue when using arts and culture are political influence and economic integration.

  • The hard power best describes the cultural actions of my country,Nigeria. With the widespread corruption, religious and ethnic chaos and intolerance,the dominant cultures always apply coercion to impose their cultural norms and practices on minority groups.

  • No business operates effectively without people powering it, therefore a business does not start on its own and run itself. It is people's ideas that manifest as a business.

  • She can take a loan to purchase another coffee machine.

  • She can take a loan to purchase another coffee machine.

  • I agree with the idea of emancipatory ontology because these profit driven schools are elitist in nature and offer little or nothing regarding emancipatory education. Their focus is more on generating profit without regard for who can afford their cost. This situation leads to the inability of low income earners to afford the required standard of learning.

  • 1. I half agree that the current education system is structured according to the past and outdated system because the current school curriculum in most countries of the world of which my country Nigeria is among is based on entrepreneurship rather than mere academics or theory which is in accordance with current realities of self empowerment rather than...

  • 1. In my opinion,education means training the mind to think and solve problems.
    2. Education should provide solutions to problems.
    3. Education should benefit everyone through problem solving.

  • Knowing yourself is very important for a manager because when you are self aware,you are able to demonstrate the style that is acceptable by the manager which will ensure a smooth working relationship with him.

  • My former employer is a task focussed person that always monitored how tasks where carried out and was not concerned about establishing a relationship with his employees. Whereas his assistant was a people oriented person who was friendly and cared to know about the employees' feelings.

  • Having a one sided style would certainly suffer setbacks for example if you are task focussed,how do you get people to do a task well if they are not motivated. And if you are people focussed and lose sight of the task,nothing gets done well. So there has to be an alignment of both sides.

  • I'm a task oriented person because when you get the job done,you achieve your goals. However,to get the job done as a team,you need capable hands to do it so I also focus on working with people as a team to achieve goals.

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    I expect to gain basic knowledge in business concepts as well as develop basic business skills needed to start a business.

  • I have the experience of running a recharge cards business which is very profitable because people buy airtime by the second so there is a lot of money to be made because of the high demand of the product.

  • Yes business can be seen in various contexts such as building relationships and offering services but they all have a common goal which is satisfying needs. Satisfying needs is the primary role business plays in my community.

  • In my view,business means building relationships,doing transactions that help to achieve a particular goal.

  • Yes I do agree that educational leadership is different. For educational leadership,bringing up a child in the way of discipline is paramount unlike other kinds of leadership that focus on results and down lines.

  • The Transnational Leadership Package although a western concept has a lot to offer on a global scale considering the shift from leadership in a political sense to leadership in a commodity sense. The world is changing and there's an urgent need for the kind of leadership that produces wealth for everyone and not the kind of leadership that formulates...

  • The idea of knowledge and leadership here also apply in my context. In my country Nigeria,people from certain tribes known as "major tribes"have this false assumption that leadership is their exclusive preserve because of their numerical strength. This assumption is responsible for the stagnation the country is facing because these leaders lack the knowledge...

  • It's about time the paradigm of educational leadership shifted from a functional managerial role to policy making especially in a country like Nigeria. I come from Nigeria and the standard of learning has declined over the years due to corruption,incompetence and poverty in the system. There's an urgent need for educational leaders to enact policy that will...

  • 1. What do you d?. I'm a professional teacher and have been in the profession for 12 years.
    2. Why do you do what you do?I have a passion for moulding and shaping minds to help them achieve their goals.
    3. How do you do it? I apply educational theories and experience to instruct.
    4. Why are you interested in educational leadership. This course can help...

  • This course looks promising. I look forward to tapping from the wealth of knowledge this course has to offer.

  • 1,3,4,5 are my strengths while reflecting on intercultural mindset is challenging because sometimes I'm thrown off balance and forced to judge before evaluating behaviours. It takes careful self awareness to resist judgement.

  • 1. Catherine values content and people while Kapoor values time.
    2. They both use the collaboration style of communication.
    3. Catherine educates Kapoor on the need to involve the local managers in the training since it was going to be done in their domain. This will work best since the local managers understand the preference of the people they're dealing...

  • This exercise gives a sense of self awareness when reviewing my past experience of intercultural interactions. This exercise has enabled me to evaluate my past interactions becoming aware of the weaknesses I demonstrated and learning how to adopt the techniques that I've learned to deal with intercultural interactions.

  • I use demonstrating cultural empathy and practise problem solving skills in most of my interactions and they've helped me a lot to solve problems and deal with challenges with people from different contexts and perspectives.