Ross Walker

Ross Walker

Ross is a Senior Lecturer in Sport Development at the University of the West of Scotland and is Global Fellow at the Academy of Sport, University of Edinburgh.

Location Dundee, Scotland


  • Great insight @EllaQ

  • Hi @EllaQ, you would be quite right that there is a lot of politics intertwined. My question for you would be that do you think that there is a place for politics in football or should politics be left out of football?

  • A very interesting comparison @EllaQ

  • Good morning everyone and welcome to Football: More than a Game! I am very much looking forward to hearing about your experiences of and thoughts on the world of football. I hope you all enjoy the course!

  • @hafsaelamsaf do you think these changes have benefited football?

  • @HannahGraingerClemson Great to hear that you have enjoyed yourself! Thank you for your comments and thoughts over the weeks. Hopefully you will consider returning for future runs.

  • @YoussefGamal What would you say is the biggest impact that hosting a World Cup can have on a society?

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  • @SwatNandanwar Some people would very much argue that politics, religion, etc, has and should have no place in football. Yet, for teams like Celtic and Rangers, they are founded on these very principles and arguably might no be where they are today without such foundations

  • @KieranNewey Absolutely! We have seen elements of this in Qatar and no doubt in future World Cups to come

  • @HannahGraingerClemson I very much agree! The diplomatic value outweighs many of the other benefits that come with hosting

  • @HannahGraingerClemson Thanks for sharing!

  • @SwatNandanwar That is very interesting! It is almost as if football should revert to how it used to be pre-2000

  • @ChellaSikazwe Absolutely! It is a real failure of the system, but it is nice to see teams like Everton introducing new ideas to help resolve such issues

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  • Glad to hear it @DaveAllan! Also, thank you for picking up on these details. Sadly, one or two errors are almost inevitable, but we appreciate you bringing them to our attention

  • I do agree with you here @WilliamBroadfoot. The American model in some of these instances does have its benefits, especially when it comes to the college and scholarship system whereby they are not just a good way of developing talent, but they also provide players with alternative pathways and backup options should football (soccer) not work out or for life...

  • Hi @fortsonhauya, do you have any specific examples?

  • Great observation @GeoffreyBuckley

  • Hi @RaveendranKarunakaranRaveendran, the first week provides a historical introduction to football

  • @BradAdams Absolutely! For football to contribute to these outcomes, it would almost have to deglobalise in some respects, yet you can imagine how the people behind the business of football would feel about that

  • @MollyChiba Hi Molly, great to hear from you! This course has been updated with lots of new content and resources compared to previous runs. However, what you will notice is that some of the overarching topics will have commonalities depending on context and time. Given that this is the most updated version, it might be best to focus on this run. Although, at...

  • @WilliamBroadfoot Hi William, the sustainable development goals entail a list of 17 different targets outlined by the United Nations: No poverty; zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; reduced...

  • Undoubtably @AbiC! We can learn a lot from the past.

  • Indeed @StephaneAbiRizk! But how long can football sustain this constant globalisation before it starts to encounter problems

  • Absolutely @GeoffreyBuckley! The pace of globalisation and evolution in such a short period of time is astounding

  • @CharlesChristopher welcome back, Charles!

  • Some great observations here @ChellaSikazwe

  • @KENNETHAGADAGBA This is very interesting, Kenneth - thanks for sharing!

  • Absolutely! @StephaneAbiRizk History is a great tool to learn from

  • @MuhammadHassan We will cover these two topics in weeks 2 and 5

  • @WilliamBroadfoot If you are an Everton fan, you will enjoy some of the content later in the course which looks at the Merseyside derby

  • Terrific insight @MuhammadHassan! Do you think that the increased loads have anything to do with the ever increasing business orientations and commercialisation of football?

  • Hi @NatashaD, I really enjoyed reading your post and can relate to your comments on the World Cup. I was just wondering if you thought that there were any ways in which Covid-19 has changed the world of football in a positive way?

  • @HannahGraingerClemson While in many ways football upholds it’s traditions and maintains its heritage, in others it is quite incredible how disconnected it has come from its historical foundations

  • An incredible fee no doubt @WilliamBroadfoot

  • @DavidGreen Hi David, I must say that I agree with you here. At the top level, we are very much starting to see signs of an American sports business model yet it would be a real shame to lose the connections with footballs very cultural roots. Do you have any ideas or thoughts about how wealth could be distributed better?

  • @JBKent Absolutely! However, it is not just countries who lose out but also communities and teams within countries. For example, bigger clubs in Scotland such as Celtic and Rangers have long exercised their ability to acquire the available domestic talent pools