Dr Julie Holland

Dr Julie  Holland

Director of the Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Education. I teach enterprise and innovation management and deliver enterprise skills training to staff and students across the University.

Location Loughborough


  • Thank you so much to those who submitted questions. It was great to hear about your ideas. Don't forget that in business you are dealing with people so your powers of persuasion are really important in securing resource. Network frantically!

  • A registered trademark is denoted by a R in a circle. TM shows that it's a trademark but doesn't actually mean anything. Copyright is denoted by a c in a circle. You actually don't need to include the symbol but it shows people that you have created the material. Copyright is automatic so the work doesn't need to be registered.

  • I've no idea. We should try and find out!

  • Thanks for sharing this David. I've heard many stories like this before and it really brings home the importance of protecting your new products, even at a very early stage. I'm glad you took something positive from it.

  • Thank you for your feedback. You make some really valid points regarding the analogy between Henry and a real life entrepreneur.