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Kellie Cox

I'm an Education Adviser for online learning at the University of Exeter, and co-ordinate the development of Exeter's FutureLearn courses.

Location Exeter, UK


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    I'm from the UK and have written my story in English. It's about my hoodie, which was made in Bangladesh, and my title is 'Pockets'. Please read it by following the link below, and let me know if you have any comments, thanks.

  • Thanks for the offer Dennis. I tend to use online sites such as FindMyPast for census records, and have found that most BMD certificates can be ordered to be sent by post, although I can imagine that, if you have time to travel and give your wife her shopping time, it's probably more interesting to be there in person! All good luck with your ongoing research.

  • That's great to hear Dennis, thanks so much for your reply. I already use FamilySearch free, but haven't tried any of the community tools, so I may dip into that side of things now. Thank you!

  • Who Do I Think I Am? ;) I think every family has its own stories of interest...for me, that's what makes the names come to life, and reminds me that these are real and ordinary people just like me. I think you're right, perhaps a search around George (the brother) might be more fruitful - I'll try that next, thanks for the suggestion!

    You're right about...

  • I use FamilySearch a lot for searches, but are saying that you share details about your own family research to their wiki too? I wasn't aware you could do that :)

  • Thanks Evelyn, I also want that to be true - in which case, thank goodness they managed to get away to avoid what could have been extremely harsh consequences. There's a 13 year gap in the story as our stonemason died in 1828, but from 1841 and beyond I can't find the family either together, or (individually) at the same address for more than one census, so it...

  • Can I ask where you share, Dennis, besides libraries and the groups you mentioned?

  • I've been trying to track down Jane Smith this week Christine. Really hard, even when you know the smaller details - but a great challenge! :)

  • I haven't yet Evelyn, but there are a couple of family stories, both of which suggest that the family 'lost all their money and had to make themselves scarce'.

    The first story seems most likely given other factors I've been able to unearth: I was told originally that someone in the family (surname HOSGOOD) was accused of horse stealing - I've recently...

  • I can't locate the exact article I was referring to, but there are plenty out there - this goes into a lot more detail and is one I need to read more thoroughly myself. Always more to learn!

  • Reading your original comment again, I guess it's possible that your 5th great-grandmother (if I'm understanding the tree correctly?) may not have been married before she met Mr Evans? Do you have a certificate for her marriage to him? I'm thinking aloud, but that should reveal if she was widowed, assuming that she was in fact married previously.

    If still...

  • Wow, that sounds like a long-winded but potentially useful process - and you sound like you're quite a woman too, just like your Nan. Thanks for sharing so much detail! I use FindMyPast but have found some useful information this week - yet to be verified - on a public tree on Ancestry. I have some reservations about public information of this kind I have to...

  • Hi Elaine, your grandmother sounds like a wonderful lady - you must miss her terribly. But I imagine she gave you many many wonderful stories that you will have with you forever! What a wonderful story, too, about the lady who contacted you :)

    I too have found some wonderful (and some occasionally heartbreaking) stories in newspapers. It's such a great way...

  • Cost can be a real obstacle. However, some sites seem to be offering more flexible ways of accessing records now; FindMyPast, for example, now offers a 1 month subscription which seems a better financial option if, like me, you work and don't have a lot of time to give to your research. I paid for an annual subscription a couple of years ago and never felt...

  • More unusual/unique names are such a godsend! :)

  • Hi Laura, if he's your 4th great-grandfather then I guess you're possibly far enough back not to be able to try finding him through census records? In which case, have you tried searching newspaper archives for marriage announcements? I think these can also be erratic depending on where you're searching, but you might be lucky. Good luck!

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    Reading through comments in the discussion, it seems that name changes of one kind or another are quite common. I've had a couple of puzzles to solve in this respect - my maternal grandmother's ancestors changed their name to 'make themselves scarce' ( their new surname became SCEARCE...a true story which I initially thought must be a tongue in cheek anecdote...

  • With secondary materials, I think the biggest potential problem lies on the fact that they are 'interpretations' of the facts/primary sources and events. This crosses my mind every time I think I've found another piece of my family story - that I'm 'best guessing' and that even apparent facts can be open to interpretation.

    I jumped the gun a little with my...

  • I've come across issues with transcription in my own research, one example of this being with census records where I've seen examples of mistranscription which has become apparent only when looking at the primary source/handwritten entry. So to think of transcribed records as derived primary sources is really helpful, and a reminder to always seek out the...

  • Hi everyone, I've been researching my family history for about 15 years after a chance discussion with my grandmother's cousin who told me that our ancestors had 'made themselves Scearce' and moved from Devon (close to where I now live) to Reading after being accused of horse stealing. My grandmother grew up in Reading - her maiden name was Scearce - and this...

  • Lovely feedback, thanks Shoaib, and I'm delighted you're enjoying the course so much!

  • Hi everyone, as Michael said, you could add the hashtag #ExClimate to anything you post - this will help to keep everything relating to the course easy to find. But please do whatever feels most comfortable for you, and let us know here in the discussions on the course if you continue to reflect elsewhere. Thanks for your comments, and we hope you enjoy the...

  • Apologies for the broken link. We've now updated this, so you should find that the poll works correctly. Enjoy the rest of the course!

  • Apologies for the broken link. We've now updated this, so you should find that the poll works correctly. Enjoy the rest of the course!

  • Apologies for the error on this step, but many thanks for notifying us that the poll was not working. We've now corrected the link so you should find that it works as you'd expect it to.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the course!

  • Apologies to those of you who have tried to open the poll but found that the link is not working. This has now been updated and should behave correctly. We hope you're enjoying the course so far!

  • Jeg pleier å leser hjemme - jeg jobber ikke på mandager.

  • Hva gjør jeg nå? Jeg leser norsk, og jeg stiller musikk. Jeg er ikke i kantine.

  • Jeg heter Kellie. Jeg er engelsk og kommer fra England / Storbritannia. Jeg spiller piano, musikk er kul! (not sure which form of 'cool' to use here...)

    Hvor er Kate? Hun å jobbe med et prosjekt på Universitetet. Kate liker ikke kaffe, hun drikker te.

    Kate og Shaun spiser lunsj. Shaun drikker te grønn, han liker ikke kaffe.

    På kafeen i Exeter, kaffe...

  • Hi, I'm Kellie, from Exeter, UK. I'm interested in learning Norwegian for several reasons: mostly because I'd love to visit Norway one day...the country looks beautiful, and I'm very drawn to (my perception of) the Scandinavian way of life and a colder climate! I learned Italian and French to A level many years ago, and have loved being able to understand...

  • Hi Alan, you're right to say that this feedback is taken from a previous iteration of the course and that, for practical reasons, the university hasn't been able to provide this for each run. We did acknowledge this at the end of the text below the video (above, and in every step of this kind), but if you feel we should make this more prominent within the step...

  • If you're unable to see the poster on this page, you may be able to view it on the National Archives website here:

    Alternatively, perhaps try an internet search for 'Highways of Empire poster', as we've found (using Google, for example) that there are several images on the web that you...

  • Hi Fiona and John, thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure this is passed on.
    Best wishes, Kellie

  • Hi Christopher and Fiona,
    Thanks for your comments about the Feedback videos, which are appreciated. For this run, the academic team have not been able to participate in the same way that they did for the first run, but we felt that the discussions they had then would still add something which would be lacking if we'd omitted them.
    Enjoy the rest of the...

  • Thanks for spotting this Aidan, and apologies for the error. We've now corrected the spelling.

  • Hi Heo, adding a pin to the course map is an optional activity, so please don't worry if you'd rather not. We added the map for a bit of fun, and also as a way of introducing learners to each other and enabling everyone to see how globally located we all are! But there is absolutely no compulsion to add a pin or share your location if you don't wish to.

  • Hi Zhixun, I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to open the subtitles. You should be able to do this by clicking on the subtitles button which is at the bottom right hand side of the video, and third from the right, clicking 'English' on the menu that appears. Alternatively, you can 'View transcript' from the link below the video.
    I hope this helps.

  • You should be able to see it now Bruce. Apologies for the omission, but thanks for asking the question.

  • You're welcome! Thank you for raising this, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the course.

  • Hi Margot, you may have seen that we've arranged to have these Feedback videos transcribed - much like the other videos during the week - so if you come back to this step towards the end of next week you should be able to find a downloadable transcript. This will be done for every Feedback video until the end of the course. I hope this helps!

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    Just to let you know that you can turn off the subtitles if you don't wish to see them. To do this, hover over the speech bubble icon (at the bottom right of the video screen) - you should see a pop-up which displays 'subtitles off' and 'English'. If you click on 'subtitles off', you should find that they disappear for all videos on the course.


  • Thanks to everyone who's notified us that the MBTI test website isn't working, and particularly to Mavarine Du-Marie who very helpfully added a working alternative. We've found several more that you may like to try and have now updated the links accordingly, but please do feel free to explore others and share with the group.