Ainur Bulasheva

Ainur Bulasheva

I am a PhD student in the School of Agriculture, Policy, and Development at the University of Reading

Location UK


  • Great questions! @ByronReinoso I just made one minor corrections: Why is it necessary to promote water privatization?

  • You are welcome! @DuleekaDissanayaka Thank you for joining. I hope this knowledge will be useful for your writing.

  • Thank you, @KingGaKello. You did great! Good luck with your writing :)

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    Congratulations, everyone, on completing the course!

    Hopefully, you'll be able to use the knowledge you've gained in this course in your studies and career. Thank you for your efforts and active participation in this course. I enjoyed working with you all.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • Thank you for your nice words, @KingGaKello. You did a great job throughout the course, and you was a very engaged student.

  • You are very welcome @HeliaYaqoobi

  • You are welcome, @HeliaYaqoobi. What reporting words would you use in your writing?

  • Yes, there are great options. Thank you @PEI-ANGLee

  • Thank you for your feedback @HeliaYaqoobi

  • It is a great sentence, but how do you write it without mentioning the New York Times, for example?

  • I appreciate you feedback :) @KingGaKello

  • Well done! Well spotted! Now, go to the next step and see how you did @KingGaKello

  • Thanks. Any other errors?

  • You are welcome! @KingGaKello, I can see that your answers are correct. Well done!

  • Great job! Now, you did it all correctly :) I am glad to see your improvement

  • Well done! Congratulations :)

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  • Thank you @SayedMohammadsalehHashimi. These are good options for linking words.

  • You are right, @WalaWagieallah; writing correct keywords helps us to get targeted information.

  • Thank you @WalaWagieallah

  • Thank you. What about the rest parts of the text? Did you find them useful?

  • You are very welcome @KingGaKello

  • Thank you for your feedback, @HeliaYaqoobi. I am Glad it helped.

  • That is fine, @KingGaKello. We always learn from our mistakes.

  • Do not worry, @HeliaYaqoobi. You have some right answers. Well done!

  • Well done! You did great, actually @PEI-ANGLee

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  • Thank you @KingGaKello Where is 8?

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  • You are very welcome @WendyTirivangani

  • You are very welcome @HeliaYaqoobi

  • I use this technique as well. Or, I write my introduction first, but after finishing whole writing I revise this section again to see if any corrections needed.

  • You are very welcome @KingGaKello. It would be more beneficial if you try to use it in practice :)

  • Yes, it helps to write a detailed plan for your writing @HeliaYaqoobi

  • Thank you for your answer, @KingGaKello. Next time, try to stick to a detailed plan and see the difference. You can also make notes on the evidence and arguments beforehand. In academic writing, you should be clear and answer your research question directly. So it is important to have a detailed plan, I think.

  • Thank you @PEI-ANGLee. Don't you think you can stray from the topic? I would say there is a big risk in this case :)

  • Thank you for your response. @HeliaYaqoobi How does the rough plan help attract the attention of the reader? Could you clarify this for me, please?

  • I appreciate the efforts you have made all previous weeks @KingGaKello. Welcome to week 5!