Thomas O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor

Coach Educator at Football Association of Ireland since 1987

Location Republic of Ireland


  • Life long learning

  • Data on soccer games goals-set-pieces
    Kept on laptop in folder
    Approximately 2 years

  • Looking forward to week sounds interesting

  • Great examples

  • It should be used as it was collected if if gives answers to questions for the future

  • Looking forward to course

  • Online learning i have found to be really difficult due to no body language.

  • very good information

  • Maybe an example of how to listen and take notes from experienced tutors could go down well

  • Be careful of body language, eye contact, shoulders squared of, head upright if possible

  • Structure beginning-middle-end and you shouldn’t go wrong

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  • Structure your paragraph

  • A beginning-middle-end very effective

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    Looking forward to this week

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    Very flowery language, I myself like our own Brendan Behan

  • Great soccer Players make great coaches?
    "Great soccer Players make great coaches", a lot of chairpersons have come to an conclusion that this a fact, they tend to ignore that male/female who start at grassroots level and put lots of hours into developing themselves, have no place at the top table. Current players when a vacancy arises at their club tend to...

  • Looking at the examples put me in my place

  • Great insight

  • It’s going to the bother of formulating a worded document that can pay dividends

  • Thinking and then to put it on paper is what brilliant writers do

  • Very interesting

  • Sounds interesting and lots of work to do

  • Looking to learn all that I can in relation to communication skills

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    How to communicate is a vital Skill

  • Other things to do

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  • Very good week thanks

  • Good Advice be SMART

  • Well Done
    Answer easy questions first and take it from there

  • Group work

  • Mind map

  • In the evening

  • Interleaving

  • Prepare for lectures and study after lecture and during lecture engage these are learning points I picked up on

  • Looking forward to week 3

  • Good advice on how to receive feedback any advice on dealing with negative feedback especially after an interview process where one is not successful?

  • When feedback is negative it’s difficult to accept without making an excuse

  • Another good system to use

  • Very good structure in providing feedback

  • There is so much literature on every subject know, great advice to check in with recommendations that are made relevant to your topic

  • Lack of confidence and fear of asking “a stupid question “ is probably a challenge for some

  • Good exercise and got one thinking