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  • This is my second course using Cloud Swyft and i really don't like the setup. It slows the pace of the course down having to try and sort it out, email support, wait for their reply only to then have to prove that i'm a paid subscriber on Future Learn. If you can't make the two work seamlessly please provide a better alternative or get us to use the software...

  • I can't refresh my data connections and i'm wasting a lot of time trying to get view my data. Every time i try to refresh the conection it says it failed to connect to server? The 'SQLNCLI11' provider is not registered on the local machine? Can you please help me fix this? Thanks

  • Hi, i can't seem to get this to work- no matter how many times i try and then wait it's still only gives me the option to request and says i'm not enrolled on any course? Thanks