Helen Lindner

Helen Lindner

I bring my early childhood, policy, leadership and advocacy skills to my role as Chief Executive of MACA to advance the rights of all children to safe and accessible transport.

Location Australia


  • Welcome @NicoleB. As you are an OT based in Australia you are eligible to participate in the Australian allied health professional private course. Please email contact@macahub.org and we can assist with transferring you to this course.

  • @KirstyMitchell it is currently going through the final approval stages for publication. We look forward to seeing this published and to industry certifying products to this new standard.

  • @KirstyMitchell that is very interesting to hear. Our work has identified this is an area that needs further research, resources and support. The National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia is certainly improving access to supports for some families, however it is often difficult, depending on geographic location to access behavioural support in a timely...

  • @KirstyMitchell great question re how we implement ongoing education and instruction.

    The MACA Guide "review" stage of the assessing and prescribing process, provides a valuable opportunity to identify a time period for review, which can incorporate ongoing education and instruction for the family.

    MACA is currently working with industry in Australia...

  • Welcome and thanks for joining the course. Lisa, Emma and I look forward to engaging with you over the coming weeks. We are interested in hearing about where you are from and your interest in the transport of children with disabilities and medical conditions.