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  • Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn new dimensions of the digital technology in the field of academia and workplace. This module has lead me to think what future holds for us and how we can prepare ourselves to match skills required in digitally evolving environment.

  • Definitely I would prefer to work with an organization that provide opportunity to work 4 days a week. It will bring some challenges as well as opportunities for employees and employers both.

  • I am sharing it based on what I have observed during 10 years of my career.

    Relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment leads to increased productivity.

  • As a student we have the leverage to get ourselves prepared for the latest digital technologies specially which are evolving and keep us more flexible to expected and unexpected changes.

  • Employers now days have started forced early planning for retirement life. This way individuals can have plenty of time to plan and implement strategy for better and secure retirement life.

  • I think that resistance shown in quote from Douglas Adams represent human nature.
    We have more acceptability during our early years, however as humans grow alder they started preferring more predictable circumstances. But this phenomena is not always the same with every individual. Recently I read a news that man aged above 80 completed his PhD. My very close...

  • After attending this course, few questions raised into my mind, like... What's hidden in future? we may see several other changes in our careers that we cant anticipate at the moment. Would it be difficult for us to adapt to those shifts?

    As Fintech student having traditional banking career, I consider myself as leading advocate to this digital...

  • More labor intensive business cannot adopt to hybrid working environment. It all depends upon the nature of business.

  • Previously I was of the view that automation will result in reduction of number of jobs, but as I am studying deeper into the field, I started to believe that new avenues has emerged with interesting roles. As I have mentioned earlier change is difficult but inevitable.

  • As student of Fintech and having past 10 years of banking experience, I can say that advancement of technology has lead me to study this module and this course, as contactless banking is the future.

    Hence, as asked, it has already made its impact on our careers.

  • While reading this article and specially remarks by Mr. Kumar, I realized that scope of this module is not limited to deliver trends in digital technology but also to instigate the desire of being equipped with upcoming technologies and trends.

    Change is the most difficult phenomena human beings accept. Those who leave their comfort zone, shine forever.

  • The best thing I have observed is benefit of IoT in the field of Healthcare. Specially use of IoT by companies to track the health and safety of their employees, which is especially useful for workers employed in hazardous conditions.

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    What I have seen is through 3D printing technology not only small business but big giants are benefiting in the fields of healthcare, micro technology and many more. Through this article I came to know that how aviation industry is using the technology.

  • Now doors have sensors, sending messages and calling is more convenient now days.

  • Indeed its is serving as revolution and our lives are depending on internet starting from weather check for appropriate dress to daily meals selection. Use of AI and ML in our daily decision making to 10 year forecast is the future.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am from Pakistan, for PG in Financial Technology.
    I have selected this module to learn current and future of digital workspace.

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    I am PG student of Fintech and after reading out welcome note and comments below, I felt like this course is summary of what we have been learning during last 5 months.