Nurhafiza Zainal

Nurhafiza Zainal

Dr. Nurhafiza is a senior lecturer in the Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

Location Malaysia


  • You've summed it up well!

  • Good job on the summary!

  • In addition to humans, biohazards also pose a risk to animals and the environment.

  • In addition to humans, biohazards also pose a risk to animals and the environment.

  • Nicely summarize, Gloria!

  • Great summary, Vijayalakshmi.

  • There are various colors used for the biohazard symbol, each intentionally selected to be attention-grabbing. This choice of color is purposeful and aligns with international safety signage standards.

  • Yes, biological hazards or biohazards refer to biological material (derived from living organisms) that poses a potential threat to human health or the environment due to its biological, chemical, or physical properties. These include infectious agents, toxins, allergens, and other potentially harmful biological materials.

  • Great summary on the biohazards.

  • Your summary effectively explains the nature of biohazards. Good job!

  • Yes, this serves as a clear example of why comprehensive biosafety training is essential for tasks involving biohazards.

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  • Yes, safety googles might give significant impact on preventing death in this case.

  • Yes, i agree. It's a tangible reminder of why acquiring thorough biosafety training is crucial when dealing with biohazardous materials.

  • I agree. This case highlights the critical need for comprehensive biosafety training when working with biohazardous materials.

  • Yes, it's evident that proper biosafety training is important when working with biohazardous materials.

  • Yes, this shows how important biosafety training for work involving biohazardous material.

  • Indeed, washing the eyes might lead to different outcomes.

  • Your point is well taken. Employing comprehensive biosafety measures is a key factor in avoiding untoward incidents.

  • Well done on providing a clear definition of biosafety

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  • Your response effectively emphasizes the importance of biosafety through containment measures and safe work practices, showcasing your dedication to adhering to exposure-based safety protocols in the laboratory. Great job!

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