Claire Miller

Claire Miller

Claire Miller is an award-winning data journalist & expert on FOI, with over a decade's experience of using data skills to dig out data, find stories and create visualisations.


  • If you're having trouble getting public bodies to send you CSVs and spreadsheets (rather than dreaded PDFs), then this case is a useful one to refer to: (it says that public bodies should meet requests for information in a particular format where reasonably practicable).

  • I think if the data is usable then it's likely defaulted to an encoding format that is fine. I can only think you'd want to change it if you needed to do something specific that needed specific encoding (in over a decade of doing data journalism, there's very few times I've changed the encoding, I think only when importing CSVs into LibreOffice Calc, if it...

  • I think the basic questions of news journalism are great, and I also think why is a useful one as well:
    - Who (or rather what) is the data about? - What does (and doesn't) it cover.
    - What happened? - What does the dataset appear to show?
    - When does the data cover?
    - Where does the data cover?
    - How was the data put together and by who etc.
    - Why...

  • Some places you can look for FOI inspiration:
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