Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson

Digital anthropologist, user researcher, writer and creator. Founder of Flowers Consults and proud board member of THE REVIVAL.

Location Oslo


  • Thanks for joining us @ValJ.S.

  • @LornaGleasure absolutely!

  • Thanks for joining us @KateLancaster

  • @AnnB thank you for sharing your insight about the genderdynamics of repair here - it's a really important point. Yes, hopefully this is changing now.

  • @SabineS so happy the course inspired you to start sewing again - we love to hear this.

  • @SabineS I love the way you used your imagination here!

  • @LornaGleasure this is really great feedback. You can check out @therevival.earth on Instagram to peek some designs.

  • Hi @BenC - I love that you lead with colour rather than branding when choosing clothing, that's cool! And I agree, we need more transparency from fashion companies when it comes to labelling.

  • @BenC that's right - you found us!

  • Really good spot there @AnnB - creativity and community makes such an impact on mental health, totally agree.

  • Wow Rebecca, love the sound of your eco-printing and impressed with your respect for nature. Sounds like you have some interesting creative plans in store!

  • Hi Rebecca - great, we need more visionary designers like you on board!

  • Hi Lillian! Welcome - it's great to have an anthropologist learning with us. We hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi Renate, we are so happy you liked the course! We hope you will explore our other courses from Hopenclass!

  • Hi Steven,

    We are pleased to having you learning with The Revival and hope you enjoy this course!

  • Hello Ben, and thanks so much for joining us at The Revival. We hope you enjoy learning about the situation in Ghana and are looking forward to hearing your ideas throughout the course.

  • Thanks for joining us Jutta! It's interesting to hear how your take on circular economy in Germany. We hope you enjoy the course.

  • @LaurenGREENWOOD Hi Lauren - nice to meet you, we are happy to have you on the course!

  • Hi @BenC - glad you are enjoying the course. We agree, shifting what we value is super important.