Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is Senior Educational Content Producer for Lokalise Academy. He has worked in training, marketing and learning experience design projects throughout EMEA, APAC & the Americas.

Location Dublin, Ireland


  • Hi Bredagh, welcome to the course!

  • Sara, agreed that it's worth standarizing your processes and putting in that effort--transforming into a transnational company pays off in the end.

  • Batish, interesting examples of the many different types of factors that can influence what markets you target in the end.

  • This is true and what we've seen in most younger companies. Hopefully, this course is among the resources that enpowers you to lay the foundation for such a function.

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  • Hi Sara, welcome to the course!

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  • Thanks, Milagros, for these comments!
    Setting corporate alignment as your goal can be scary as you suggest--you have to ultimately sell yourself and the benefits of investing in global growth and efficiency.

  • Most companies, especially smaller, younger companies, still do not have a centralized or dedicated localization function.
    Do you think your company would benefit from having a person or dedicated team for localization?

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  • We were able to set up two cameras at once, which I found really helpful as it gave an option of two points of view in the interview, making the final video more interesting and allowing more flexibility in editing.