Piers Townley

Piers Townley

PR & Media Officer for The Brain Tumour Charity. Previously freelance journalist & editor specialising in reportage, popular science, music, travel and interviews for print and online publications.

Location Hampshire


  • A really clear podcast explaining the basics but would have preferred seeing John speaking directly to camera, rather than just an audio podcast. Maybe my concentration isn't as good as it used to be but the lectures that stand out elsewhere on this course and in the other MOOCs are the visual ones.

  • This course started off extremely interesting and has blossomed in week two to be captivating. Just wish it was longer than the two weeks.

  • Great link, thanks

  • Must admit I'm having tricky moments getting my head around the assertion of the flatness of the mind. Maybe it's the years of viewing it as having plenty of depth and our notions of the human mind having undiscovered depths. That said, really liked the example of the scratchy sentence and the observations about how people responded to it.

    Curious and...