Mac Neil Kalowekamo

Mac Neil Kalowekamo



  • Honestly, the systems thinking approach has somehow shaped my clear understanding of the interconnections and relationships among key players in terms of addressing issues especially the climate problem.

  • I am still struggling with my obsession to spend long hours on you tube streaming movies as well as on social media platforms especially facebook and whatsapp. This has affected my studies because most of the times I procrastinate in working on my assignments because of this addiction. I am trying to set my goals and targets for a particular week or month by...

  • The RSPO seems to attempt to satisfy and meet the needs and expectations of every stakeholder within a system. This could be one of its strength. But somehow I feel it undermines the negative effects that practices by different stakeholder may bring to each other. The vision to achieve the SDGs is centred on promoting and embracing trade offs and synergies by...

  • I worked in partnership with one organisation that was promoting the growth of a biofuel crop called Jatropha. The goal looked ambitious and there was potential of access to world markets for local farmers in Malawi. The zeal to produce this crop came at a cost as some smallholder farmers used the majority of their land growing jatropha at the expense of food...

  • In Malawi, occurrences of flash flood are now common in both rural and urban areas. At time, erratic weather patterns are affecting crop production leaving thousands of households food insecure.

  • I have learnt a lot through this course and will use some of the insights in my current postgraduate study at University of Reading.

  • For me as a media communications practitioner, raising awareness about climate change has been part of my professional life and want to continue with that. I also do participate in tree planting exercises taking place in my community.

  • Power within - understanding your individual worth is important in adopting best practices and behaviours towards addressing climate change. But power within is often undermined by the influence of Power over - the structural challenges like unsupportive and unsustainable policies adopted by some governments.

  • Future generations have the right to enjoy the intrinsic value of nature just like current generations are doing. If the past generations were as greed as the current generations, we would not be enjoying the beautiful we have had for hundreds of years. It is our duty to protect nature so that future generations should also continue to benefit.

  • Before listening to Dr. Grady Walker's interview, I had some contrary views which centred on intergenerational role in addressing the impacts of climate change. I was of the view that we still have to look at the failures of the older generations and build on that as gaps we can address going forward. But based on systems thinking proposed by Dr. Walker with a...

  • For me walking and cycling in manageable distances.
    Proper and sustainable use of water and energy.

  • The impact of climate change on food security is real. Recently, Malawi experienced extreme weather event in form of a cyclone that resulted in flash flood in some part of the southern region. Hundreds of people died without thousands of people homeless and food insecure. Apart from washing away their crops, the cyclone also disconnected people from the food...

  • -Increasing rates of human exposure to wildfire.
    - Older people more vulnerable to climate change impact like heatwaves.
    -Climate change fueling the spread of infectious disease because it provide a suitable environment for the transmission of these diseases.

  • The countries with less emission of greenhouse gases especially in Africa are the ones suffering so much from the effects of climate change.

  • The warming of the planet and that human practices such as the emission of greenhouse gases are the main cause of the warming of the planet.