Rohan Modi

Rohan Modi

Rohan is regulatory expert, with a decade of experience in energy & mobility sectors across Asia & Africa. He is affiliated with GIZ since 2014 and specializes in cross sectoral project approaches.

Location Germany


  • Thank you for your comment. Below you can find an example on Full Lifecycle Service Model for E-Buses

  • Agreed Municipalities will play a big role in EV promotion. Some of the key questions which needs to be answered by them:

    1. What municipal ordinances should we modify to support EV adoption among different stakeholders?

    2. Which ordinances should we change / implement to:
    - Measure & Monitor GHG monitoring at city level and target stakeholder level

  • Completely Agreed Musiyani.

  • It is equally important to discuss the topic at a local level. for e.g. what is the energy mix of a state / city instead of country wide energy mix.

    In many of the developing cities/states the mandate of increasing the renewable energy (RE) capacity and electrification of public transport is with different agencies. As much as it is important to have RE for...

  • Agreed Phillip. For E-bus fleets to be successful, formalization of fleet operations planning and maintenance will be key. However, feasibility of a project may not directly be hampered by upfront capital costs as across most of the regions TCO of E-bus projects seems to be winning against that of fossil fleets. It is the non-availability of innovative...

  • Thank you for the feedback Yoav, we will look into this.