Alex Gillett

Alex Gillett

I am Senior Lecturer in Marketing and co-author of the book ‘Foundations of Managing Sporting Events’, and of the book chapter ‘A Brief History of the FIFA World Cup as a Business’.

Location United Kingdom


  • Thanks John. Hopefully the picture we've painted isn't entirely negative, we have tried to remain objective. But if those are the conclusions you draw then I do see your logic. Hopefully the future will include some positivity. When I'm feeling detached from the modern game I switch off from the 'business' and just watch and play and get back to basics to...

  • brilliant thank you Jonathan, stay in contact please

  • thank you we'll see what we can do

  • thank you. Re criticism: We tried to remain objective, not opinionated, and to present facts about the competitions much of which we could research and present confidently from our own archival research, or find stuff we thought might at least be novel to earners in some way, rather than regurgitate just what is printed in online sources that you had probably...

  • yes, and as we have hopefully shown on this cause, they evolved differently and that may have baring on this

  • sorry about that, it was not our intention to cause any anxiety.

  • thank you yes it was fun to predict and to then see how things really played out. I thought that the unpredictability made for an exciting tournament.

  • @johnwakenshaw I thought the same thing as what both of you have said, kick and rush, shoot on sight. But yes skill is required and stamina too playing on sand.

  • yes as the stakes are raised and as expectations for facilities, insurances, H&S also evolve, these things take on a life of their own.

  • thanks for reading and making those points. Its interesting to read old documents in modern context, see what happened and what didn't, and imagine alternate realities.

  • fair comment

  • probably a but from each column but its clearly about the legal space, owning the rights etc. Yes money is part of it but so is control and access, and protecting its position.

  • yes good sport, that is evolving at the moment and will likely be subject of updates to this course in future, once a FIFA world cup is more established and we have access to the proper documentary evidence (not relying on just news articles or websites or our own opinions) with which we are able to research FIFAs involvement more thoroughly and accurately.

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  • @JohnCope thanks for your comments John

  • @CathyKelly thank you for this and for all of your input

  • very good reflection and I'm pleased that you are enjoying it

  • There is definitely something to be said in favour of simpler times

  • I agree with you mostly.....beyond us though, at the decision-makers level, perhaps pressure from construction firms, motives to create construction jobs, or opportunities to profit financially or in terms of influence, maybe cloud the waters (back to the seduction of the 'sublimes')

  • I would agree it has some influence but the question is, to what extent and for how long would it affect our perceptions? The media, especially permanent articles on the internet, remind us though for sure.

  • the danger of politics and buzzwords hijacking sport?

  • I remember Gateshead Garden City, I think the legacy is a housing estate!?

  • the nature of ephemera, merchandising, and nostalgia is always a talking point you are right

  • I like seeing some of those when I visit Stratford for a pint / music in the Cart & Horses pub

  • I'm not familiar with Amarna I shall look it up thank you

  • I visit stratford quite often for cart & horses pub. Yes interesting place.

  • good examples

  • Good point. The history of ancient pan-hellenic games etc is very interesting, there are some good books about it I'm sure you have read

  • thank you for bringing cricket into the discussion, Kevin is a big fan of the sport

  • yes very interesting and I seemed to remember that happening around the time we had more or less put this course together and hoped that learners might think about that.

  • the trend seems to be turning in some ways towards stadium re-use and multiple hosting , so keep an eye on that

  • yes, potentially

  • pulling it all together can be tricky due to the nature of measurement and the sheer number of parties involved. However academic research has tried to do just that and we point you to some sources on this course. If you are looking for even more then email us and we can signpost although some publications may be behind paywalls, such is the nature of journal...

  • yes all good points

  • thank you for sharing your experience

  • certainly a more commercial direction

  • thank you we hope that you are enjoying it

  • thank you :D

  • excellent!

  • I'm really enjoying reading about your favourite tournaments and goals.

  • some really good photos and suggestions

  • another iconic choice