Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin

Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin

Food Marketing and design PhD
Ferrandi Associate Professor
Sciences Po Rennes Associate Professor
Designer and consultant

Location France


  • Yes, this is something very annoying for professionals who are really acting daily for a better food system. It is also not fair for consumer who believe they eat "healthy" food in these green restaurant, whereas they might not eat fresh vegetables, and incorporate food that include additives.

    Our job as marketers is to helps those you make the good and...

  • Nice to hear about you difficulties, that means that you are learning ! when having difficulties choosing, just make different moodboards with all your inspirations. That can always be useful for an other projet. An make sure you can sum up the big idea of a moodboard in one sentence only.

  • This is very true, it's an international trend that will stay. Since its meets values and health issues

  • I should definitely go, do you know which year it was launched ?

  • Hi Inès, let's meet up on Friday ! Best regards

  • These rules very often answer very logical questions. That might not be relevant today anymore (such as not cutting the salade because silver could oxydate). But it is part of culture.
    The question is : which use from today could become tomorrow's news traditions ?

  • Yes, terroirs are being redefined with climate change. Now we grow gapes in Brittany and spices and peppers... It's a mix of heritage and today's natural development.

  • France is very diverse ! And now it's your turn to imagine your own culinary identity. What kind of oil could be as healthy and tasty as olive oil and make a fresh piece of fish a local meal in northern France ? That's a good question ;)

  • This a great way to apply these new learnings to your practice.

  • what's difficult is that everything must be thought together at the same design/creation time. Aesthetics and functionality cannot be questioned at the end of the process for instance. So it's a discussion between different experts or expertises

  • Yes Big Mamma is a great experience of 360° restaurant design. And they can spread the same spirit in different restaurants while allowing each place to have its own identity !

  • storytellers, for sure

  • but it's always useful to have your own "food picture" library for inspiration...

  • Interesting ! Can you share with us the main elements the food place you are talking about did set up for its rebranding ?

  • the risk here is the create too much expectations from the "look" and have in the end disappointed customers when tasting

  • Great analysis. The question is now : what remains, what is "back to "normal"" ?

  • perfect

  • This is a great understanding of the link between trends and authenticity ! To "feel" where the industry is going, you need to become and "expert" by being curious of what's new, and learning about sociological and strategical mechanisms. From this, you will be able to notice week signals (signaux faibles) and explore upcoming trends ahead of the industry.

  • It is a great to see what learning new things can lead you to.

  • I am glad this speaks to you

  • Then I hope you will find this one thing to learn in this lesson ;) Best regards

  • Hi Emma, you've already got a great understanding of food and beverage international business !
    this course should be very interesting for the next steps of your work life. Do your best for the applied tests (i.e. the moldboard and the menu), this will be very useful for you in the coming years.

  • Hi Ravy, I'm very happy to have you as a student. Would you want to practice food consulting or to throw a food business ? Best regards

  • l'emplacement, l'emplacement, l'emplacement ;) c'est toujours vrai ! Mais les réseaux sociaux ont un peu changé la donne. De très belles adresses évoluent loin des sentiers battus (ou à quelques pas). Et leur notoriété se fait initialement sur les réseaux sociaux.

  • yes they are ! The question a designer would ask is : what kind of painting and plants, what's colors, texture, and shape, where to put them... details give it a thoughtful meaning

  • Thanks Noémie, you won't forget these theories because you will notice that they make sens in any food experience

  • Hi Noémie, you can also watch my TedW talk on that topic :

  • Merci Noémie, j'espère pouvoir vous apporter une bonne vision d'un marketing responsable et souhaitable pour tous.

  • Hi Christos, I cannot elaborate more right now on this platform, but you can learn more with some books : and menu design :...

  • Which events are you talking about exactly ?

  • Then our first goal is achieved, you will think about food with new lenses now ;)

  • Perfect understanding of the course.

  • Great plan, and you are at the right place for that !

  • Thank you very much Zak ! It's my first long experience in teaching online (but I have very large experience in teaching different public). Keep going

  • Seems like you've understood it all already ;) but you will discover some super important details in the coming days.

  • Bonjour Florian, je suis très heureuse que ce cours puisse éclairer vos réflexions. Vous consacrez toute l'énergie nécessaire à la réussite d'un projet culinaire. J'ai hâte de suivre vos évolutions !

  • Hi Zak, I am very happy to welcome a student in high school ! You must be very passionate

  • unfortunately, some of us have lost this link to local ingredients, and that's due to the industry. But rediscovering it is a great journey

  • Bonjour Inès, très heureuse de pouvoir accompagner vos réflexions entrepreneuriales

  • Welcome Christos ! Hope this course will help you enhance your creativity

  • Welcome Matthew !