Manoj Shakya

Manoj Shakya

PhD Student at NTU.

Location Singapore


  • Super Squirrel !!!

  • I am a PhD student at NTU working in the field of HPC.

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    Super excited!!!

  • Hi,
    I am Manoj Shakya from Nepal.

  • Hi,
    I am Manoj from Kathmandu University, Nepal. I do research in educational technologies mostly MOOCs.

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    I am Linux lover !!!

  • Yeap....

  • I usually write at the end. But I think it is better to start writing even before your research starts.

  • This video is excellent. It gives us a very nice idea about how to structure your paper/report. Thank you !!

  • This topic is very useful to many graduate students. Many students asked me this question. But hard to answer it properly.

  • We organized a workshop on understanding plagiarism few months before. We found that many students including graduate ones are not aware of it. Glad to make 28 students of Kathmandu University aware of it.

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    Skills Audit was most interesting.

  • I can improve lots of skills (including soft skills).

  • I liked Gingko. It's an amazing APP.

  • This table is very useful. But not easy to complete

  • Think about what inspires you (broad topic area)
    - Educational Technology (Use of ICT in Education)

    Consider what skills you might develop through undertaking a research project (transferable skills)
    - Communication, Writing, Thinking (Analytical and Creative), even leadership

    think very clearly about what exactly you are getting into by undertaking a...

  • Very clear outcomes. I am pretty sure that I will achieve all these goals at the end of the course.

  • Very useful materials.

  • Hi everyone,
    This is Manoj from Kathmandu University, Nepal. I hope this course gonna be very interesting as I have started preparing a PhD research proposal. I also hope to meet lots of like minded people. My research area is Educational Technology.

  • To broaden the knowledge .and contribute to educational society

  • Greetings from Nepal,
    I am looking forward to doing my PhD in Educational Technologies.

  • Hi,
    I am Manoj from Nepal. I am a teacher in Kathmandu University. I teach computer courses.

  • Hi
    I am Manoj from Nepal.

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    To know about transferable skills was useful.

  • Useful.

  • I will use this. Very helpful.

  • To serve society is another reason why we do research. Satisfaction.

  • Critical thinking.

  • I am IT specialist. And academician. I do research in digital learning.

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    My country is very small and we have only 9 universities, Out of nine, only 4 universities offer degrees in computer science. I have already finished my master degree. I want to do my PhD abroad. For this reason, I must get good score in IELTS.

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    I do not fear from exam. I always believe that it is an opportunity to show the world how much you have mastered any subject.

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    I live in Kathmandu. It is the capital of Nepal. Kathmandu is full of people. But it has beautiful places inside. It is a religious place where you find lots of temples. Typical Newari foods are most popular in Kathmandu.

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Manoj Shakya. I am from Nepal. I do teaching specially computer courses like C programming and Java Programming. I love English Language and want to learn more.
    Thank you.
    Manoj Shakya