Les Taranto

Les Taranto

Military: Active Duty: USMC 1975-78,
Reserves: Navy Seabees 1993-05,
Army Journalist 2005-2013
Stage Technician since May 1979
Interests: Journalism, Photography, Video,
Travel, Scuba Diving, Health

Location Houston, Tx


  • Born in NYC. Unemployed Stagehand (due to CoVid19) in Houston,Texas.
    II have zero experience blogging but I'm starting an online business and this will definitely help with website promotion and helping clients getting to know me and my business.

  • Wow.
    This course is a lot more complex than l anticipated...

  • The 5 Ws and How, all the facts and objectivity are all essential to a good news story

  • Cool course intro...

  • Good point.
    The crews supply their labor and expertise but aren't in business with the producers
    & others in the creative end or those that are above the line...

  • The 5 W's and How.
    Human interest angle. Who's affected
    Photos, quotes and if possible video interviews asking questions that support the story.
    "Just the facts maam" Jack Webb from Dragnet a 1960's US TV show
    Get the facts minus the BS...

  • good comment and follow up questions...

  • Excellent comment Felicia, you hit the nail on the head!!

  • The 5W's and How are the basics...

  • Another excellent lecture thank you Dr. Eckler.

  • Social media--good one!!

  • Awesome posts everyone...
    For some eye opening stories go to:

  • Very interesting article and this currency issue not only to Nigeria but to the US as well.
    Check out articles written by Simon Black on his blog: www.sovereignman.com
    His writings are a real eye-opener...

  • True.
    Pain and suffering sells papers and gets viewed.
    It all gets back to the dollar or pound, (paid advertising) what turns heads gets reported or at least put in a place in the paper where it'll attract the most attention...

  • Very clear and very informative
    Thank you Dr. Eckler

  • Very nice presentation...

  • Sure these stories are important and they have their place in print. BUT
    it all gets back to money, what turns heads, gets people's attention, or gets viewed online..
    Circulation and advertising pays for the salaries & the equipment that prints or broadcasts these stories.
    The bottom line is the buck or pound or whatever the local currency is and if the...

  • Very true.
    Most journalists or their editors want to concentrate on turning heads and many times don't cover what needs to be reported on.
    Sensational news the news that turns heads gets reported or gets top coverage on the front page "above the fold" and the less exciting news that may be VERY important to that local community may end up buried on the 4th...

  • This was a well done typical news report that obviously needs some following up on.
    Where, when who, are covered but why, and how are still up in the air...

  • Great comments everyone...

  • Good analogy...

  • Welcome aboard everyone.
    Awesome course, instructors & cool group
    of people....

  • We are very fortunate to have some outstanding instructors...

  • I'm originally from New York City but currently live in Houston, Texas
    in the southwestern US
    Very diverse group we have here.
    I can't wait to get started...

  • Very nicely written. I can really visualize the the woman walking at night and I'm wondering what will happen to her.
    ls there more to this story or does it have a Hitchcock-like ending and leave you hanging and wondering.

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    Excellent video really gets to the point.

  • Great
    You write very well.
    Try to study slang and get a mentor or someone who can explain words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

  • Fantastic Silvia.
    Like I told Colombian writer Lina Marcelo Palacios don't forget where you came from.
    You can write for the Italian market as well.
    Take English classes and find a mentor to help critique your English.

  • Cool Lina, don't be scared just go for it.
    Keep improving your English but don't forget where you came from.
    There is also an enormous Spanish speaking market worldwide that you can write, make films, shoot videos for and entertain.

  • Great observation Mark.

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    Great comments guys, I wish I had been able to keep up weekly with the course...

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    Since everyone was briefed beforehand about time & budget restraints, it looks like the director got what he wanted from both actors & crew.

  • Les Taranto made a comment

    It really is amazing what it takes to put together a 16mm short film, never mind a multi-million dollar Hollywood film.
    Things can be chaotic at times.
    I remember on a 16mm short film called "Something Else" I was assistant cameraman and we were getting ready to shoot from the sidewalk onto a porch where the actor was about to say his lines.
    We were...

  • Les Taranto from Houston, Texas
    Very interesting...

  • Explains very clear explanations...

  • Give the anti-fracking contingency time to appear & view their opinions.
    They said in the opening video that they weren't in favor or vs fracking but that both sides
    would be presented...

  • Yeah, I live in Houston, Tx.
    The oil capital of the world.
    It's a pretty nasty business but the economics really play into the big picture.
    Extracting natural gas, gives a big boost to the nation's economy & creates many jobs.
    & they're gonna exploit this technology & things hopefully will get cleaner as we learn more about it, but until then we have to...

  • I live in Texas, & next to Pennsylvania, the second largest stateside fracking location.
    This is oil country, & oil makes this country go. We gotta have it & say what you want but they're gonna do what they gotta do to extract it whether it pollutes or not. It also creates too many jobs to ignore & as the song says Money Changes Everything.
    It's helped...

  • I have to agree w/you Harry, Jack Nicholson is quite an actor.
    Observing his acting style & having worked with him as an electrician on
    Terms of Endearment, I got the impression that he's the same in all his movies.

    Have you seen The Last Detail? It's an old one, 1974, with Randy Quaid.
    Vintage Nicholson.
    Having been along for the ride on Navy ships...

  • It's been a few years but I've produced video programming for Public Access Cable TV here in Houston, Texas (USA) and would like to start up again.
    I've always enjoyed taking pictures, watching movies and have worked live performances (operas, ballets, touring shows) in the industry as a stagehand and in the movies as an electrician, mostly in the labor end...

  • Hi Everyone
    One suggestion to anyone wanting to pursue filmmaking might check out their local Public Access Channel and inquire about video camera and editing classes.
    In the US most major cities local cable companies are required to provide public access studios where hands on training and free access to video equipment is provided. With this training...

  • Hook em with your headlines and introduction. "Just the facts, maam." (Dragnet 1970's US TV show) The 5 W's and how, start with the basics. Don't "softsoap it. Be bold. "It's not the 1st question you ask but the 2nd and 3rd (and following ones." (Barbara Walters) Dig, for the facts, educate but also entertain to keep your readers interest. Start with the...