Luke Miller

Luke Miller

I am interested in song writing and recording. I am coming back to music with a fresh perspective having taken a 7-year 'paternity break' :)

Location Sheffield


  • Back when you could listen before you buy too (on headphones that were way better quality than you could possibly afford).

  • I was tickled slightly that during this end of week summary, the same guy is still loitering in the background trying to decide which music to buy #indecisive :)

  • Okay :)

  • Oooh yes, thought or some more references reading this read. "Let it Rain" by Tom Waits and also "Sins of my father", "We are Water" by Patty Griffin or even "Like Water" by Mary Lee's Corvette. So many references.

  • If it's any consolation, I'm struggling a bit with this too and I'm from Sheffield. I agree that not naming the river would be better. Let it be a vague river where every listener can decide for themselves exactly which river it is. You could always alter the lyrics and produce a non location specific version of the song?

  • It's true. And I've only ever had my own lyrics to write to in the past. It's an interesting challenge. having said that I tend to think about the music, the melody and song structure first normally. Once all that's in place, the words get written (often almost as an afterthought). It's probably the completely wrong way to go about it but that's how I've...

  • Ok, curiousity got the better of me and I caved in and listened. Wow, that's brilliant Bethany. You've really brought those lyrics alive. Nice :)

  • The more I think about this song, the more I realise I'm not very good at songs about a place. I don't know why, but I find it much easier to write about people / relationships. Guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and 'evolve'.

  • How much are we allowed to change (bend?) these lyrics? I may have a crack at this but will no doubt make changes. For example, I'm not sure I've ever actually used the word 'lasses' :)

  • I liked what Jon says about his girlfriend looking at him weird whilst he's trying to leave himself a voice memo song idea. It made me chuckle and I can totally relate to that. But yes, once you get inspiration, it's worth risking looking a bit weird as you get those ideas down in a form you can listen back to and develop later on. Seeing Jon has also served...

  • I'm going to try and do a version but I can't afford to listen to anyone's version until it's done. Because a) other people will probably do waaay better jobs than me but also b) I don't want to be subliminally influenced by anyone else :)

  • What a great idea this is though. Looking forward to hearing lots of different versions of essentially the same song. Great!

  • 'Jack Black' it perhaps?

  • Yes, I was thinking that. The chorus might need to be either sung really slow. Or maybe use some repetition (ie, the first line "I’m walking this street heading home" sung 3 times and then the "Leaving silent footprints in the rain" line. Interesting how I can't think at all about this without a piano or guitar in front of me. Just not possible :)

  • Great. Looking forward to having a go. Mental note: must remember not to approach this in the style of David Brent's Free Love Freeway (

  • It's funny people get stuck liking music of a certain genre or time. My partner's Dad will readily admit he's still stuck in the 70s American Rock World of The Eagles. He's not ashamed. And he doesn't really want to listen to anything else. I personally, could never get stuck like that. I'm also looking for new interesting music. I love that feeling of...

  • Keith. Thanks I'll have a listen later on Spotify although thankfully you don't have to look far to find music with minor chords. Interesting about water based lyrics. "Wade in the Water" by Eva Cassidy? "The River" by Bruce Springsteen? "Jack Pepsi" by Tad? Hmmm

  • Interesting you mention songs for motivation, I remember a high-achieving friend at school told me he used to listen to The Doors' "Break on Through (To The Other Side)" before sitting an exam. Seemed to work for him. When I hear that song it makes me smile.

  • A song that first got me hooked on Dylan (even though my Dad had been subjecting me to his albums for my entire childhood) was Tweeter and the Monkey Man (a Travelling Wilbury's song no less, although mainly Dylan's work I sense). It's got a great story and he manages to pack in some fascinating and complex characters. The pacing and the delivery got me really...

  • Yeah. I'll second that. I remember listening to it when it came out. I had just moved up to secondary school. And when I think of Graceland the first thing that always pops into my head is that fab little bass solo in the middle of You Can Call Me Al. Everytime :)

  • That's funny. When me and my brothers were teenagers and loafing about in bed on a weekend morning, my Dad used to wake us up by blasting out The Waterboys' 'Whole of the Moon' downstairs. It may well be a perfectly good song, but I can't bear to hear it nowadays. Thinking about it, we lived in a terrace. The poor neighbours must've got that too on a Sunday...

  • It's strange when you read song lyrics out (without music). Songs without their music can suddenly lose their power (especially with repetition)

  • I'm not sure if this is off-topic slightly but I've always found that music/songs with an element of melancholy seem to be more interesting for me. I'm drawn to sadness and emotion in music. I find happy music or songs which comprise only major chords to be strangely bland and uninteresting. Having said that, there is definitely music which just goes a bit...

  • Luke Miller made a comment

    I'm Luke. I work at the University of Sheffield. I've always been interested in music, songwriting (particularly song structures and harmonies) and performing and whilst I've been in bands and written songs in the past, having had 3 children recently I've taken a step back from it all. I'm now looking forward to getting creative again and following this MOOC...

  • Hi, I'm Luke. I've done a little games programming in my youth having grown up fiddling with Spectrums and then AMOS (on the Amiga!). Here's one of mine Things have moved on a little since then :) Would love to learn more about making games for mobile devices. Have a full time job and a family so may be struggling a...

  • I recently went back to physically visit the place where I grew up and there was a playing field where myself and various friends would often play football outdoors. And back then the joy of playing a team game outside was enough to eclipse the conditions / weather - we'd play in the rain and sleet if we had to. As I arrived I started feeling very nostalgic....