Deirdre Robertson

Deirdre Robertson

Deirdre Robertson is a post-doctoral researcher based in in Columbia University in New York. She is interested in how psychology affects physical changes in the body, particularly in later life.

Location Columbia University, New York


  • Dear Christine, yes this is something I have noticed a lot as well. Often anyone over a certain age is referred to as 'elderly' in the media which conjures up a very stereotypical image of frailty and aging. In the vast majority of these cases, however, I am sure that image is very far from reality!

  • Dear Lynda, you are absolutely right and I like the way you have put it here - there are limitations in all stages of life and aging can bring different limitations but, equally or more importantly, remove others. Negative perceptions of aging means only thinking about limitations and not recognising possibilities.

  • Dear Mike, Absolutely and I think this is a very important observation. Having positive perceptions of aging does not mean refusing to acknowledge changes that do occur but rather accepting and coping with changes without sinking into negative thoughts such as 'well because X has changed I can't do anything any more' or 'everything is going to get worse no...