Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths

Hi Everyone,
As a researcher and practitioner in coaching and youth sport, I'm looking forward to working with you in developing new ideas for creative practice.

Location Birmingham, UK


  • Thanks for the feedback Mike. A chat room is perhaps something we should consider for the next course!

  • Hi Sean, thanks for your contribution and yes...need to embed CPD points into the course. Working on it!

  • Thanks David/Mark. Much appreciated.

  • Thanks for all your comments Chris. So many coaches will have benefited from your observations and discussion points.

  • Great point. Peer group can be very challenging!

  • Agree. But what factors inhibit this approach..parents? club culture? peer group?

  • Great examples of improvisation. Modifications of space and rules can promote features of futsal. Thanks for the comments Damian/Joesph

  • Great comment, thanks for contributing Matt

  • Thanks Keith...very important point...the course is but a trigger to motivate coaches to investigate their situation/club. How relevant are the resources in this course to the reality of your players and your club?

  • Thanks for the comment Matt. We're always looking for examples of coaches using course resources to underpin changes in their practices. Thanks for contributing!

  • Hi Nick, thanks for the comment. And many coaches already embed the principles of creativity in what they do. The aim of this course is to generate, critique, and hopefully sustain, creative discussions within a community of like minded coaches. Hopefully you will continue to get something out of the reminder of the course. Big thanks for...

  • Hi everyone, wanted to finish week 1 with a huge THANK YOU for your amazing contributions to the course. Videos and articles can be interesting, but it is the discussion and critical debate amongst ourselves which facilitates the learning process. Many of you have been very generous in your comments (and your time), and whether you are an experienced or...

  • Hi Dean, welcome to our coaching community....and thanks for the comments.

  • Agree - the skill of coaching - improvisation!

  • Hi Steven, totally agree. The social/friendship side of participation tends to lack focus when considering coaching process/practices

  • Hi Mark, thanks for engaging with this course. And great questions......we need to support more coaches who continually question what is happening in front of them...including this MOOC! In an age where coaches are bombarded with information and so called 'experts', the ability to question, to try out new practices, to be curious and to 'research' their own...

  • Agree, great summary of the power of 'play'. Sean Dyche (Burnley manager - England) has previously talked his role as an Academy coach and how they would give players time to just play the game - without coach interference! Need to be aware that sometimes, coaches can get in the way of learning!

  • Hi All, I like Timara's comment about 'future time'......encouraging players to see the options in front of them. In one of the later videos, Tony Carr (Academy Coach) talks about developing 'the picture' in terms of players making sense of the situation. Does anybody have any good examples of practices that promote (multiple) game decision making/problem...

  • Hi everyone, looking forward to working with you!

  • Hi Everyone, really interesting comments. Seems to be a consensus about the features of creativity, which got me thinking.....what stops youth coaches making this our default coaching position?