Viktorija Trusele

Viktorija Trusele

Curious :)

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  • Hi all, hope you are safe and well! My name is Viktorija, I live in the UK. I hope to complete this course and use it practically in my work environment (when we are all back to normal :)).

  • Week one was great! I enjoyed interaction with other learners. I like how comprehension of the six constructs have built a framework for detailed studying of cultural differences in the following weeks.

  • I reckon it is openness. I spend my working days in a highly multi-cultural environment (two colleagues chatting in Chinese just across the table:) ) and I am always curious to learn a new fact about other cultures.

  • 1. I loved the conception of learning to navigate across different cultural landscapes. Cute animation as well... :)
    2. In-built perception is leading our judgement and assumptions.
    3. It related to every aspect of life whenever two or more cultures meet.
    4. I want to grow my intercultural knowledge and intelligence.

  • 1. I feel curious to learn more about cultural differences. I like how Pellegrino sees the funny side in the topic.
    2. We are inevitably influenced by the environment we grow up in, it is written in our subconscious perception, but we can and should learn to understand other cultures.
    3. In my work, I am forced to learn cultural differences and be able to...

  • I would feel embarrassed and scared in this situation. I would avoid encountering the lady again and discuss this with people I trust about what it might have meant.

  • Hello everyone, I live in the UK and work with car retailers globally, which sometimes poses challenges due to various working ethics and patterns. I have taken up this course as I want to enhance my knowledge in intercultural communication as well as share my experiences.

  • I have visited Edinburgh two years ago and ever since am fascinated by Scotland and particularly its warm-hearted and welcoming people. Taking this course to learn more about Scotland. I'm very excited and can't wait to go to the next chapter :) Thank you very much for this great opportunity!

  • For me the words would be:
    unreversable dramatic changes

  • I have been through very difficult times in my life when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 16 months later. Because I have little children, responsibility I felt for them kept me going through the darkest days. Now, three and a half years on and with help of my councillor, I appreciate the life I have and the fact that I am alive and my...

  • When, in the cornfield, yellow waves are rising,
    The wood is rustling at the sound of soft wind,
    And, in the garden, crimson plums are hiding
    In pleasant shade of leaves, so shining ones and green;

    When, spilled with fragrant dew in calmness of the alley,
    In morning of a gold or evening of a red,
    Under the bush, the lily of a valley,
    Is gladly nodding...

  • Equilibrioception surprised me. I didn't know you may loose it due to infection.

  • Birds singing outside, tv in the lounge, soft bed, warm clothes, bright computer screen, my family photo on the left

  • I am Russian living in the heart of the UK
    I am Orthodox Christian
    A mother of two daughters
    Keen bookreader

  • Having lived in the UK for 5 years now it still fascinates me how British people make remarks about English weather every single day. You may love it or hate it as a foreigner, but almost any conversation would start with discussing the weather conditions. I learn to do it myself now as this is so much part of the culture.

  • I liked the comparison table of two cultures and perceptions. Interesting that Chinese believe you get to know people characters by observing them, Western people think you do it by talking with people. It makes me think of a popular notion of "Chinese wisdom" as observing, seeing true personality behind a mask which people are often wearing requires more...

  • Hi, I'm a translator and interpreter in the past, now raising up a family and preparing for a career in business management.

  • Russian soul, Latvian modesty and English love for genuine beauty and harmony. That's probably me.

  • I've felt like a fish out of water at least twice in my life. First time when I swapped my usual Russian environment to Latvian secondary school. The change was driven by the social and historic events (fall of the USSR) and was a bit of a pain for me. The second time was when I moved to the UK, but the change was welcomed and I enjoyed learning the everyday...

  • I would add: be careful with humour and jokes. These two are extremely hard to translate too.

  • I was born in Latvia. My grandmother was brought there from Russia by the Nazi during the WWII to be used as a child slave worker for building barracks. Both my mother's and father's families have Russian and Ukrainian roots, and both torn by the dramatic events of the WWI, Russian Revolution, bolshevik power and WWII. After Russian primary school I continued...

  • I was born in Latvia to Russian and Ukrainian background parents. I've moved to the UK 5 years ago.

  • Hi, I'm a professional translator on maternity leave. Hope the course will help me to start a new career in business administration.

  • Eset Smart Security 8 is what I've got. It updates signatures daily. I've also installed IObit package recently to boost my computer operation and fight any unwanted stuff.

  • Trojan was the only one I was able to recognise, because it is so popular. I was lucky not to have any serious consequences. Just slow operation of the computer.

  • My online bank requires use of ID number and hardware security tokens in the log-in process.

  • I use social networking with great precaution. If you let people follow your every step, it makes you very vulnerable.

  • What about self-organisation, time-management and patience skills you get in the early years of motherhood (plus housework which is always there)? Do they count? And how to state them properly? Personally, I feel I learned a lot during looking after my children for 6 years now. I'm just not sure an employer would take it serious if I start to explain how well...

  • Falling in love with the play and exploring it guided by you. Thank you.

  • I see

  • Hi Nadia, I'm reading Hamlet in Russian translation too, as Russian is my native language. Have you read it in Pasternak translation?

  • I'm reading the play at the moment for the first time in my life. I decided to do this course after I completed 'Shakespear and His World' earlier on Futurelearn. It helped me to understand Shakespear better and now enjoy reading his plays.

  • I think I'm flexible depending on the situation really. I can do both, but I enjoy going into details more.

  • Printpac is a small but well established printing and packaging business with thirty years experience. The range of services you provide is wide enough to satisfy the local market requirements. From several articles in the local newspapers I've learned that you have won Investment in People Award last year which is very appealing to me as a potential employee.

  • Hi, my name is Viktorija. I'm a busy mum of two, but looking forward to start a new career, preferably in business administration. I worked as a freelance translator before therefore I don't have much job interview experience and would like to learn some essential skills. I'm originally from Latvia, 4 years in the UK now.

  • They've learned to deal with mental malfunctions much better, of course. But unfortunately lost close connection with the nature and switched to chemical stuff. Modern allopathic medicine deals sucessfully with acute situations, but has almost lost the ability to cure chronic deseases, like asthma or irritable bowel syndrome, to mention the few because they...