Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer  Johnston

Head of Learning at Into Film, Jennifer leads the Resources, Filmmaking, Training, Careers, Industry Visits and Curation teams, who are responsible for the Into Film's free educational offer UK-wide.

Location Belfast, Northern Ireland


  • Hi Deborah, maybe google search and install a file unzipper. Hope it works!

  • Hi Sally, you may also like another Into Film course: Teaching Literacy Through Film. Check it out if you like.

  • Hi Joy,
    Yes it's interesting, isn't it, to question what is film and how can it be most effectively used? One of the benefits we've noticed in using this most simple filming technique is the effect on the young person of seeing themselves on screen; perhaps it has to do with the physical size of a child when on screen, perhaps it helps the young person to...

  • Groups of four or five usually work well and any of the groupings you suggest would work well. Why not try out different groupings and see what works best? In week 3 we give some further suggestions for implementing in class.

  • How lovely to hear Dawn. Once you're signed up to this course you can continue to access all the course materials indefinitely, so feel free to share with your colleagues. If you are based in the UK you may also be able to access a free training session for your school. Please take a look on for further details. Additionally, you may like...

  • What a great idea Luigia, and isn't having fun the most wonderful basis for new learning experiences?

  • There's plenty of time and just join in at your own pace. Will really look forward to hearing how you get on if you try it out.

  • Hi Daryl, Week 3 is devoted to animation. We cover filmmaking first as many of the principles are the same for both (next week we'll be looking at camera movement and positioning and using multiple shots, all of which are useful in making inspirational animations). Glad you're so keen to get animating! You're right, it's such an exciting medium for pupils.

  • Hello Claire, Shoot and Screen is a curricular filmmaking framework developed by Into Film. It has four stages; think, plan, create and evaluate. The framework was developed as part of our UK-wide, film-based training programme for teachers, as a way of helping add structure to the filmmaking process for curricular outcomes. You'll become very familiar with...

  • Hi Sigrun, Shoot and Screen is a framework for creating, screening and reviewing curricular films. It has four stages; think, plan, create and evaluate. The framework can be applied to any length of film or animation and is really a way of structuring the filmmaking process to map it effectively to teaching and learning processes. I hope you enjoy viewing the...

  • Lovely and informative video Steven, thanks so much for sharing it.

  • Thank you! We're delighted this was useful.

  • Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring contributions to the Padlet wall!

  • Hi Joy, thanks so much for pointing this out. You'll find the referenced document attached now. Hope you enjoy the course, Jennifer