Maks (Lead Educator) Belitski

Maks (Lead Educator) Belitski

I teach Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Henley Business School at the University of Reading. I have spent 10 years studying business startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe.

Location Reading, UK


  • Thanks Zane. Many academics and practitioners have FT subscription and may be able to download the article. In addition we recommended google scholar to search for why it project fail publications.

  • What way do you feel digital leaders connect to the environment - other companies within thier digital business ecosystem?

  • Some ideas to share with you. Digital leader is good to engage with digital business ecosystem actors - I 'd call them complementors. Complementors as horizontally and vertically interconnected upstream and downstream firms (start-ups and incumbents), from within and outside of a sector, that work collaboratively together within a entrepreneurship ecosystem...

  • I really enjoyed your definition. The core things here are "taking calculated risks." which links managers and entrepreneurial behavior, but working with external and internal counterparts - absolutely , its sharing data, etc efficiently both int and externally, and engagement with ecosytem actors.

  • how does each of these type use technology? or this is not necessary, if you are a barrier blinder for example?

  • very interesting segmentation of leaders!

  • Interesting article on Mobile apps and consumer behavior you may find. New research on mobile behavior in 2015 reported that business and consumers have been struggling to manage 100s of apps . Today’s consumers are spending over 85 percent of their time on their smartphones using native applications, but the majority of their time – 84 percent – is spent...

  • Really like your comments, definitely the developers of apps and hardware manufacturers do not align and do not coordinate their activity, but they should! What do you suggest thou: extra batterry, people do that, or stop dowloading apps or you see it as a gapo to be addressed by entrepreneurs?

  • would you reckon both F2F and digital communication?

  • Really appreciate your response. This is a problem . Anyway to match software with hardware more efficiently? apart of buying more RAM of course

  • people want if there is motivation to use technologies.The question is more about what should be done to motivate people to exploit technological benefits

  • From your comment it sounds like delegation is an important skills for the CEO to be able to champion digital technologies, is not it? What is CEO then left to do with re digital technologies?

  • anyone can advice free software to process big data, except of excel?

  • what digital analytical tools you have in mind for the future toi use? what problem you can solve using them?

  • so how many apps do you think one person should have on his mobile phone? easy to manage?

  • This is very valid point. Could you please think of combining several competences out of IT/ business to form capabilities for CRO? would you mind contacting EU commission to consider amendments to their project?

  • these dimensions are dynamic and not static. For example business and market acumen in the digital leadership could be perceived as alignment of business strategy with operations required to support it and how well you know your customer

  • what the the role of digital skills and capabilities to facilitate company's performance when digital is applied a a tool?

  • It seems like your definition applies to ll industries. Isn't it?

  • This is all correct. where would you put infrastructure for iT in your definition?

  • Thanks Edit . For me the major challenge of yammer has been and remains lack of training on how to use it effectively and engage with members . Have u experienced same or perhaps in the beginning ? Have you provided special training on how to use it ? Another important aspect as external people you invite to yammer . Have they participated and what makes it...

  • Good example of connectedness across sectors and applications . More on IOT this week .

  • Great point . Having close access to customers SMEs could benefit by usin mixed methods - both analysing customers and then talkin to them on how to improve things . Business outreach for sme is different than for a large business and it could be used as an advantage to get further insights on big data

  • Good questions . The answers are obvious . No point having data if you don't make use of it . However the company - client does here and significantly improves its ROI and market growth . Good example of big data and analytics should not be ignored , but you need technology and skills to hop on it

  • Of course , almost across all sectors

  • Interesting point . Yes it scans social media whatever related to the compny . Incl Instagram

  • Thanks for picking it up . The case could be applied to a smaller company as well , obviously more limited due amount of data .

  • Is Python a free source . Perhaps the basic version is free ? How does it different from Google analytics for example ?

  • Great point! Google analytics could be the first to start with , then a number of other stat software incl Matlab , Stata , R. Of course special big data analytics incl megaputer polianalyst is very cool , but also expensive . Companies should teach their employees - economists and marketing , finance use data analytics or employ people with such skills . It's...

  • Deliveroo would be another example . Fast delivery from the high street restaurants

  • I wonder if you are familiar with Transferwise . The app is using money of members in the country not physically movin them try borders and hence saving on translations and offers a better rate

  • What do you think is missing in those apps for schools to download and use them ?

  • Thanks . What do you use basecamp for ? Connection , ideas generation ? Exchange ? Connection to partners ? Management of processs and operations ?

  • Yammer worked for SP foundation to share ideas and in particular for ideation and problem solving . Interestingly Simon says that 30-40 % of all problems were resolved due yammer . His secret is he provided training to employees how to use it and make it more interactive . Also you need to invite external experts - so it's used as communication channel with...

  • Do you use HiVE or NEST heating systems?

  • thanks for your comment.

  • what do you mean by Business digitalization? sounds like an exciting concept? Is it smth like turning a written data - digital ?

  • I hope you will also learn some structure and model of thinking through alignment of IT architecture and bus models.

  • Hello guys, as a lead educator with business and entrepreneurship background , i would say this course is a good IT-business alignment and myself I learnt a lot while designing it with colleagues from IT and business informatics. Could you please be patient and wait till week 3 and 4 when we go through all 5 major technologies and use case studies to explain...

  • Thanks Josephine. Please give a look at the first poll results and maybe you want toshare if smth was unexpected, useful or not? any feedback appreciated.

  • thanks for your discussion and contribution It was to show what are the major strengths and weaknesses of capabilities developed by firms which use technologies and how it help them to increase capabilities . Any questions?

  • thanks do you mean, the lanuage was very technical? It was to show what are the major strengths and weaknesses of capabilities developed and you may refer if this is smth related to you and where your business stands

  • Training seems to work very well, better than investment in R&D