Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

I'm from West Yorkshire. I'm a Professor at the University of Leeds & Dean : Student Education. I research cancer & evolution


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    Thanks for the feedback here. It's so hard to present cutting edge research to a wide audience, but it seems as though we're getting there. If there are any particular terms we could add to the glossary do let us know.

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  • The kinases will be present in many cells, but need to be controlled. In many cancers the kinases are not properly controlled. So, they are interesting drug targets.

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  • Hi John. I'm afraid this is one of those questions that is impossible to answer because the people who knew have long gone. Carothers himself committed suicide in 1937. I think the most likely explanation is that they wanted something that ended in -on like other synthetic fibres such as rayon and they happened across nylon.
    I think, probably subsequently,...

  • This is an interesting question. The microbiome, that is the huge number of different bacteria that live in our gut, is a really significant area of current research. As chemists, it's a bit beyond the experience of Colin and myself, so we probably shouldn't attempt to answer your question in detail, fascinating though it is!

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    Hi All and thank you for the questions. I'm here with Colin.

    The main topic here is about products we use around the home and workplace to reduce the threat of bacterial infections and concerns about their overuse.

    The important point is that when we use bleach in our bathroom, say, or an alcohol-based hand gel in a hospital, we are using products that...

  • I think we do see quite a bit about medicinal breakthroughs in the media, especially around cancer, but the problem is that the reports are not as accurate and balanced as they might be! That's why we have the focus on research and communication skills in this course. In any area of science, it's important that we have as many people as possible who are able...

  • Good Morning (Leeds time) Karla and thanks for the questions.
    I'm sorry you weren't able to find much information on the ethics of medical imaging. For me it's quite similar to the issues with taking a DNA test to determine, for example, whether you have inherited a disease from your parents. I listened just the other day to a woman who is slowly losing her...

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  • Good discussion. Of course any drug will have some side effects. As Fiona says, if they are too unpleasant the drug won't be used.

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