Cormac Behan

Cormac Behan

Lecturer in criminology at the School of Law, University of Sheffield.
Research interests include penal policy, prisoners' rights, comparative penology and prison education.


  • Further information about the Koeslter Trust is available here:

    There is lots of information about education in prison throughout Europe here:

    International perspectives on prison education are available here:

  • This paper (link below) about citizens' perspectives on participation in the criminal justice system was produced by University of Sheffield academics for the Howard League. It deals with a number of issues raised in these discussions. See

  • Hi Adrian, If you are interested in prison education, the Journal of Prison Education and Re-entry (of which I am the editor) is an open access publication and contains lots of interesting articles on the subject. See

  • Hello Dorothy, David and Peter,

    Thanks for pointing this out. It is a typo that was not corrected during editing. It should should read 'civilised'.

    Hope you are enjoying the course.