Lucy Schulz

Lucy Schulz

I love learning and am a true believer in the transformative power of education. I love aussie rules football and hanging out with my dog - especially on weekends.

Location Melbourne, Australia


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    it is always good to review what you know about project management and to check in and make sure you're not missing important elements to manage projects successfully. whilst I am a seasoned PM I'm keen to revisit some of the fundamentals and also help my own team with a common language around key project management stages.

  • I love this idea of animated characters - this builds on personas which is a way of keeping your student voice in mind but these characters sound great

  • Hi Ann - if there is more you'd like to know please post a further question and I'm happy to elaborate on what we're doing at Deakin with the Cloud Campus. We have worked on this over time and with input from a lot of people, most especially our students. If you're looking for a place to start I would suggest you start there.

  • Just wanted to congratulate you on getting credit process right - this is an important process in education to show there are many and varied pathways as people seek to upgrade their skills, knowledge and learn. When thinking about the learning experience getting these institutional processes right can make a real difference to the overall experience of...

  • I agree with you Alison - people are more willing to share their stories and a deeper empathy is created leading to a better understanding. In service design I think this leads to better outcomes.

  • I think all firms/businesses need to be thinking in terms of being a service - in a world of considerable choice and diversity customers are much more discerning and the more value adding experience will result in a successful partnership/ relationship - this is a good outcome for both service provider and customer.

  • I think this is a good way of thinking and as a consumer I do find I am interested in the supply chain especially where clothes come from to for example think in terms of sustainability and ensuring fair work practices @AnnettBorg

  • the examples are great as a way of explaining the difference in thinking to be customer focused and think in terms of value to them rather than your own company and products; but it does take a bit to get your head around

  • I haven't done a FutureLearn course for a while and this one jumped out at me. I am passionate about being customer oriented and thinking about service design from inside the shoes of the customer. I work in education in Australia and I love learning. I'm particularly interested in seeing if culturally there are differences in approach to service thinking....

  • I love the idea of insight hunters

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    Like others who have posted comments I think I am a visual person and drawing your ideas and then showing connections is a very helpful way of looking at and problem solving issues. I am very focused on the customer experience and having them at the heart of things and looking at service from their shoes is a good way to see where things aren't working...

  • I also like the idea of understanding human systems and thinking across disciplinary boundaries - the world is not based on disciplines but based on complex networks so of course making connections is sensible

  • Hi I'm Lucy and I live in Melbourne, the home base of RMIT. I love the idea of design thinking to look at complex issues and perhaps break them down to truly understand the full picture. I also think it involves understanding things from different perspectives and by taking a long term view. These are all socially important ideas. In my neighbourhood and in...

  • I agree and for more academic study I would also use multiple sources

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    I really like Wikipedia and I am confident about accuracy because it can be added to by people. I trust people to add information when they know what they're talking about

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    I didn't have much to add but since this is a study about wicked problems it is important to think about the underlying issues such as the production of new clothes and what is valued by our society. For example the fashion industry is big business and thrives on us buying new clothes. A way of recycling involving not only giving away our old clothes but also...

  • At Deakin University we use BrightSpace (formerly known as Desire2Learn) - it feels more like a place to access resources like a content repository. I like the FutureLearn VLE because it looks clean and simple and it is broken into manageable tasks to enable you to feel like you're progressing all the time even when you only do one task. I also like the fact...

  • I now use recipes online all the time - I still love some of my cookbooks but finding new recipes based on what I have in the fridge is great. I don't waste food.
    I enjoyed the videos - lots of comments which has made me think about the value of being able to go back to learning resources when you need them

  • Hi I'm Lucy and a late starter to this course. I live in Melbourne and work at Deakin University. I've joined to learn more about how to structure online learning effectively for others and FutureLearn seems to be really well structured to make it easy for busy people.