Nitin Merh

Nitin Merh

I am PhD in computer science. Since 1998 teaching courses to the students of management and computer science. Since 2006 working in the domain Business Analytics, Data Modeling and Forecasting.

Location India


  • Thank you for providing methods of being mindful at home.

  • Thank you for the workderful excercise.


  • Nice article for all of us as even trying hard we are not mindful as far as electronic gazettes and social media is concerned.

    I will adopt all the practices mentioned above for being mindful even using electronic gazettes.

    Thank you


  • Thank you for excellently linking Mindfulness with Biological Neural Networks and explaining the positive impact of mindfulnes on huamn brain.

  • @BarbaraF Thank you so much for detailed explanation.

  • I am practicing MBSR but not regularly. In case of a long breaks it is difficult to be mindful. How to resolve the issue? How can mindful be practised 24X7?


  • Thank you for the wonderful mindful excecise. Feeling relaxed.

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    Thank you Professor it was a great experience for me. Being an Information Technology person having interest in MIND, UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE and MEDIATTION I found this course very interesting and Informative. It was a capsule with all ingredients containing details of MIND.


    Hope to see you soon with new set of...

  • In one of the Institutes where I worked as Dean Student Affairs I found that students having bad association/ relationship with their family members/ friends are in some sort of disconnect and their association with self and others is very bad. They are in some sort of depression and are addicted of some short term remedies like hard drinks, ......


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    Loving self and others :)

  • As per my understanding few cases/problems with subjectivity, consciousness, intentionality or agency:
    Afraid of using Lift; Afraid of Public Speaking; Afraid of speaking in front of elderly people.
    Anxiety of the results (Expecting a positive result) of the work done, speaking non-sense and later realizing what I was Speaking?.

    So much thinking and...

  • Thank you for summarising in a very short video.


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    I would like to ask about treatment of confabulation. Whether it can be treated by Neurosurgeon, Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist or all.

    I think in case of False Memory some memory elements/ neurotransmitters/ ions are lost

    Thank you so much

  • Thank you for explaining the concept of confabulation so easily. Earlier I had something else in mind with respect to the concept and definition of confabulation.

    Now I understand :- Few times we call other mind that you are lying but the fact is they are not lying but what they are saying is because of false memory.

    Nice concept - "What has actually...

  • Thank you Mr Zaw for providing insights.

    How to proceed for the same?

  • In a very simple way understood the concept of free will. Also understood the development of human mind [Brain]
    525 Million years ago---->200 Million years ago ----> 200,000 years ago----->12,000 years ago and development of colony.


  • Great introduction of AGENCY. Like a HERO in a movie.


  • Thank you for the support provided for completing my first MOOC.

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    I Wish to thank Professor Galit for explaining the whole concept in a very simple and precise manner. Examples, data sets and case studies helped me to understand the concept in a simpler way. This was my first MOOC and I am happy to complete it.

    It was a great learning experience for me.

    I will work hard to secure more marks in the next MOOC :).


  • Very informative. Few concepts learnt for the first time.

    Thank you so much

  • Thank you for sharing wonderful real time, real life example.

    After going through the article multiple ideas are generated with respect to the application discussed in the article.


  • Informative video.

    Thank you for the support

  • Thank you for your valuable inputs

  • Thank you @ Robin, Vincent and Martin

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    An individual is capable to reproduce which in turns indicates that S/he is capable to survive. (SURVIVING TO REPRODUCE TO SURVIVE). Then why S/he during span of whole life do intercourse is it because of the insecurities related to survival or due to some hormones? or BOTH.

    Thanks and regards,

  • An individual is capable to reproduce which in turns indicates that S/he is capable to survive. (SURVIVING TO REPRODUCE TO SURVIVE). Then why S/he during span of whole life do intercourse is it because of the insecurities related to survival or due to some hormones? or BOTH

    Need your suggestion.

    Nice article :) Liked the phrase "Doing your Biological...

  • Thank you for such a wonderful discussion and sharing link on the article "Why we’re all addicted to texts, Twitter and Google". Now I came to know that why on social media after posting/ sharing we want to continuously check who commented, liked or shared.
    From last six months I started a practice of not using any social media for one week in a month. I...

  • In today's world most of us explore materialistic things, some explore natural beauty and few explore inner/mental peace.

    One thing is common in all category of people is all are exploring/SEEKING something for pleasure/ happiness.


  • Root cause of all worries is mind how to control mind and neurotransmitters? and how to reduce needs?.

    Do we have methods through which toxics in mind will be reduced and less needs will be generated.

    Less needs----> less desires---> less expectation----> Happiness Always :)


  • Very interesting video.

    Bhagwat Gita (Hindu Scripture in Sanskrit Language ) also talks about Need -->Desire---> .

    What I understood
    Subjectivity ------> Consciousness/ Unconsciousness -------> Intentionality
    Being/empathy---> motions/ feeling------------------------------> About something


  • Nice description of AR and use of AR for improving forecast.

  • XLMiner Output

    Variables" Coefficient Std. Error t-Statistic P-Value CI Lower CI Upper "RSS
    Intercept 5.233094466 0.005985148 874.3467066 1.16365E-67 5.220871163 5.245317769 859.515418
    t -0.003057265 0.000316546 -9.658200367 1.02195E-10 -0.003703738 -0.002410792 0.025498259

    Forecasts (MLR Validation Score) using XLMiner:

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    Thank you so much for the informative and learning sessions.


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    Sometimes we feel sad even though there are no external events that are affecting us (Mind/ Emotions). Please explain why this happens?


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    External event I understand but BP shoots without any external event . Even if the individual is very happy then also his/her Mind/ Brain/ Body reacts (Internal event) in such a way that BP shoots.

    Kindly suggest.


  • Thank you so much for explain the concept of consciousness with brain/body activities.

  • Understanding things, attentive about happenings around us, understanding self and others.

    I know myself: I know others.
    my relation with self is great: my relation with others is also excellent.


  • Understood the concept of LR for prediction and for forecasting.


  • I am using Excel for calculating differences and XLMiner for MA. I have done lag 1 and lag 12 differencing and then finding foretasted value but not able to do un-differencing. Kindly help

  • Only completed with Fortified time series containing both trend (decreasing) and seasonality.


  • Nitin Merh made a comment

    The concept of preprocessing data is very important before applying any forecasting technique. Concept of De-Trending and De- Seasonality helps in preparing the data sets. This can be done by applying differencing on the time series.

    Thank you

  • Thanks you for the video.

    The concept of over-smoothing and under-smoothing [window width] is explained very effectively.

    This is a very important concept with respect to data visualization as well as forecasting.


  • Nicely explained the concept of choosing window and moving averages.