Nicholas Patterson

Nicholas Patterson

Dr Nicholas Patterson (Ph.D) is an Associate Director of Future Technologies at RMIT and an Alfred Deakin Medalist in Information Technology.

Location RMIT University, Melbourne


  • The celebrity endorsement (usually ex-sports stars) element is a really sinister way to encourage people into gambling.

  • It is interesting that betting on soccer is higher than AFL in NSW.

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  • Definitely agree, just a rough prediction :)

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  • @VictoriaCormier Interesting not heard of the term multipotentialite before!

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  • Thanks, everyone for joining the course and I hope you picked up some odds and ends which will help you along your career journey.

    The webinar is coming up on the 30th and will be available to watch after that also. This is something we are pretty excited about as not many free courses offer this.

    If you found you enjoyed the course, please take a moment...

  • @RebeccaMcintosh Yes, there will be a recording provided afterwards!

  • No problems, both are good avenues! Depends where your passion lies, this is where you will get the most satisfaction and as a result accomplishment.

  • Thanks, everyone for joining the course and I hope you picked up some odds and ends which will help you along your career journey.

    The webinar is coming up on the 30th and will be available to watch after that also. This is something we are pretty excited about as not many free courses offer this.

    If you found you enjoyed the course, please take a moment...

  • Thanks, everyone for your input, the word cloud is looking great! Mainly came down to satisfaction, achievement, happiness, recognition, freedom, money and fulfilment. I posted the word cloud on my LinkedIn, should be an interesting insight for the professional community!

  • Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it! See you in the webinar this week!

  • Our credential process at Deakin measures these professional skills:

  • Thanks for sharing this insight @MartinCrowe you are right it can be tricky to shift into a full digital citizen mindset. I think Covid has kicked this into action much quicker then we expected. Many companies at least in Australia are all working from home and using digital tools to communicate. See you in the webinar hopefully!

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  • Knowing the WHY about your career can really help to set the direction you will take moving forward. Are you in your current job just for $ or do you really love it and have a passion for it?
    It is harder than ever before to be able to work in something you love due to the pandemic, we just need $ to put food on the table.
    Hopefully though in the future once...

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  • Hi @SophieR the webinar is yet to occur :) It will be on the 30th and you will be able to check it out, again even after its complete.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to the course!

    Hope you are surviving the pandemic!

    Have you had any troubles during this time in terms of losing your job and really need to sell yourself better in the job market? Or maybe looking for a promotion? Well, you are in the right spot.

    Let's kick things off and you can tell me about yourself, your profession and...

  • Hi @PhilipM just, for now, try not to make it too difficult with criterion. It is just a starting point.

    Thanks for the feedback some details on what a beginner or advanced is, could be useful. This will come later on though if you choose to complete professional skills credentials at Deakin University.

    try to use this tool as a way to see...

  • @MICHAELMEYER Ideally we want to try to use this tool as a way to see where you sit at the current moment. A self-perceived view, which is combined with a description of some workplace evidence/outputs you have produced to back that up.

    If I am trying to determine my communication skill, what workplace tasks have I don't which demonstrate this and as...

  • Thanks @KenGilbert you can put this up on Padlet also. I respect your wish to put it up on OneDrive instead :)
    Great work it looks fantastic though. Do you think you have been conservative on the levels? As most of them are proficient :) But I think they are more likely advanced.

  • How did you go with your skills audit @KC ?

  • Thanks @KenGilbert yes we just spotted this also! Thanks for the heads up :) it will be remedied soon!

  • Good job @KenGilbert with your 'Why' think about why you do what you do. Maybe?
    "I have a deep curiosity with technology which has driven my passion for helping people to use technology to positively impact their lives" ?

  • @AnaMolina not too sure what a death doula is, but sounds like an interesting profession!

  • Good one @DavidCooper you're why could just use a little tweaking.
    How about this?
    "Through my passion for technology, I want to enable individuals to be able to enrich their lives and productivity in everyday tasks"

  • Thanks for that @KateNova not seen this Ted talk!

  • I like your 'why' @GrahameHuxley its really around providing great working solutions enabling organisations to achieve greatness!

  • I like this @DANIELLEHAWSON "let me run yours" :)

  • Just pinned my location at Deakin University :)

  • Good luck @KimberlyLammin hope you find some interesting insights!

  • Good morning everyone (at least from Australia),

    Welcome to the Becoming Career Smart free open course and for those enrolled in the IT leadership course at Deakin Uni, your first 2 weeks of your first unit.

    We are going to explore professional skills and capabilities, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and explore what your success means to...

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your attendance and engagement in the course across these two weeks.

    There has been a huge amount of productive discussion, which has been really insightful for me and the rest of the class, so thank you for that!

    Where are you heading next? What are your next steps? Respond here with at least one thing you have planned.


  • Wish you good luck @SophieLaws

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  • Thanks @AndrewAtkin

  • @AndrewAtkin Agreed on that one. I think they do have these opportunities within their head offices and within the stores themselves. So in a way it kind of feeds their own business.

    Do you think with your organisation @AndrewAtkin that when they train and make people more skilled they will go elsewhere? Maybe if that was the case its something about the...

  • Thanks @MarkBoyd do you think with the advent of automation and creating of more creative jobs will be an upside for these people with career fatigue?

  • Thanks for the link @AndrewAtkin it is a good point that your success measure has changed over time! Do you think for most people this from having a family or what other reasons could their be?

  • Agreed @EleanorFranks I think everyone or atleast groups of people have different views of success - some say money, some say free time to do what you want. What do you feel would define your success?

  • Thanks @ArinaKhachaturyan freedom to work on what you want?
    And well-being in terms of health? or?

  • Totally agree @AndrewAtkin do you have any suggestions on how to improve your work/life balance from your experience?

  • Thanks Janice, unfortunately, it is part of the FutureLearn platform - so it will happen regardless of course.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Welcome back and welcome to week 2, hope you had a good weekend!

    In this week we will delve into some cool topics like determining what success is for you, what is an elevator speech all about, how self-reflection about your career can be useful and how you can use our skills audit tool to see where you sit in the skills spectrum!


  • Nicholas Patterson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi @MichaelaK with these credentials as they are certified by the Australian Qualification Framework, yes they are recognised worldwide.

  • Yeah @JaniceReid she is pretty knowledgable and invokes your attention when she speaks, well worth watching her videos or seeing her speak in person!

  • @SophieLaws Good stuff! I think its good to have minimal amounts of these apps/platforms, if you have too many its hard to keep them all managed. E.g. use Facebook for social and LinkedIn for work.

  • Yes, good point @YaraLane think of it as a tool to build, showcase and seek out new opportunities!

  • @MichaelaK Yes you can write your own articles - it is quite a good editor also. If you check out my page you can see a couple I have written.

  • Worth jumping in now @GiuliaQuadraccia it has improved alot, and you can still connect with past colleagues.

  • Welcome Peter, sounds like it would be a tough job you have! Do you feel overall there is eventually a point where you can't innovate anymore - and do you mean within the workplace or just your own creativity bank?

  • Thanks for the response Janice! Do you know why your job has not changed in 5 years - seems unusual no?

  • Thanks @YaraLane is innovation or creativity the one you really need to improve? Are all your others up to a high level. How do you plan to improve your creative mindset?

  • Thanks for your insights @JeremyBates why did you decide to leave that role after 14 years? What was the main skill you used in the job?

  • Nicholas Patterson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Interesting @MichaelaK so you have never worked in any field or found a special skill set which you have? Are you studying in something?

  • @JOHNVANRENSBURG Thanks for your insights would you say trustworthiness is #1 and then all the other professional skills come after that?

  • @StephanieWilson Great, do you do your lists in a notebook or have you looked into using a digital tool like Trello?

  • Thanks @VikkiR you make a solid point, but why is communication the #1 most important?

  • That is quite interesting you learned these elements from your career as a boilermaker! Could you describe how empathy links into that career, just out of curiousity?

  • Great list @MihiriHerath why do you say problem-solving is the #1 ?

  • Thanks, everyone for your great discussion here. I recommend pressing on into week 2 once you are done with this week. You will get to tackle a simple skills audit, which can help you to reflect on what your strengths are and where you need work - which can help you to aim at the target more effectively!

  • @SEANBELGROVE Agreed there is just so many in the IT space - what is a way do you think we could solidify all of these to cut down on the sheer quantity of them?

  • Interesting to see there are some medical credentials out there for the health care field, what kind of process was this to get it? exam, work experience etc?

  • Good one @SEANBELGROVE is this one you have or are aspiring to get?

  • Thanks @RobJackson do you see many employers finding this useful and in need?

  • Interesting @SEANBELGROVE I guess those people might say that even though I am doing long hours and a lot of work, that they are working for themselves or their own timetable?

  • Fair points here @AlastairWilson why do you think there is more of a push in the current climate for people no longer wanting to be in the 9-5 kind of roles?

  • Agree on all those points @GiuliaQuadraccia what kind of field of work would you like to put your expertise to play in the entrepreneur space?

  • Agreed Kinga, depends on what you are after really. Both a 9-5 and being an entrepreneur is hard work. It comes down mainly to what kind of work lifestyle do you want? Generally maybe monotonous or innovative.

  • We are pretty lucky to hear from Henrik and get some great advice from his time in Silicon Valley! What is one thing from this video do you think is a big take away?