Gu Zhengkun

Gu Zhengkun

Ph.D., Professor & former director, Institute of World Literature of Peking University,Co-President of the International Association for Comparative Studies of China and the West (IACSCW).

Location Beijing, China


  • Jacques, Kung hei fat choi to you too! Zhengkun

  • It's surely right when you say "Let's stop trying to make it some part of a competition between west and east." Please pay attention to my idea that focuses on the complimentarity rather than on the competition between the west and the east.

  • According to Chinese Huangdi Calendar, today is regarded by some Chinese people as the first day of the year 4715. Isn’t it interesting cultural phenomenon? So happy new year!

  • Although Yin science and Yang science exist both in the east and west, they are developed differently by eastern and western scientists to varied degrees.
    The yang science tends to be more characteristic of logic and experiment, emphasizing the justification of a truth based on logicality and repeatable laboratory experiment results.
    The Yin science tends...

  • For more than one hundred years, there has been a controversy in the academic world: Why had modern science developed in the West, and not in China? I think this proposition itself is trappy. The question should not be “why science had not existed in China”, but “how shall we define the concept of ‘science’”. If “science” refers to truth findings, then, is...