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Clive Young


  • Big jump from last week in terms of vocabulary.

  • Learned Burns at school, of course, and the family had a framed version of The Lea Rig on the wall. To a Haggis recited every year. Later appreciated more what Burns had achieved for the Scots language.

  • As Prof Laurillard says, students have to gain the skills to use these approaches and environments effectively, I think this aspect is often forgotten. As she says we know how to read a book but do we know how to *learn* from it?

  • Worked on a similar example in catering, where it was just too difficult for a group of students to see the fine detail of food prep. Also to prepare students for Heath and Safety aspects of laboratory work. In the latter case the students *had* to watch the videos before entering the lab.

  • Typeform looks very interesting, will try it out!

  • Good video. Like the comment that students are more familiar with devices than textbooks, and we know if learners are comfortable and less stressed, they learn better. Makes you think, why would you try to deliver material in any *other* way?!

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    I'm writing a book on the Scots language. Interested in modern writing forms, both informal (internet-based) and formal (published) to see what writing conventions are emerging. Orthography has been a huge problem for Scots and my research question is : is a standard orthography arising?

  • Very late comer, I did some corpus work in an OU course a few years ago and am planning to s do some analysis around the Scots language.

  • I bet I'm the latest one to start this course, had no time last week!

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    Rather like the idea that we make it up as we go along, via language games (Wittgenstein) or ad-hoc performance (Butler) and that most of our 'depth' is post-hoc rationalisation to delude unto imagining we are, er, rational....