Sam S

Sam S

Computing teacher of EYFS to Year 6. Digital Consultant Teacher for the GDST schools, supporting colleagues to develop their use of online tools and resources.

Location Kent


  • Difficulty with processing information/instructions can be hard for students when working with technology and supporting their needs through applying work in other directions, like creativity or their interests can be so important. Great to see positives here too.

  • HI I'm Sam and I teach Computing from EYFS to Year 6 and I joined this course to learn more inclusive strategies in T&L.

  • Ready to explore more...

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  • "At the end of this step you’ll find some resources to use with a group of learners before the next week of this course. "
    I didn't see the resource attached. thanks

  • What is understood about your area of interest?
    Read an article on Live coding and how it is beneficial to show the internal (cognitive) process highlighting choices, decisions, mistakes and debugging strategies. "Cognitive apprenticeships".
    What is the strength of the evidence?
    An idea introduced in 1987 by Collins et al. Improved upon by Harper...

  • pedagogy and assessment - how PRIMM can help support the teaching of content and assessing student learning.

  • Discussions with the Head and other stakeholders involved in the research, particularly around data.

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    Previous qualitative data collected has been for impact of iPad 1-1 scheme for staff and students, understanding of online safety in the curriculum and feedback from using tech in lockdown. Not so much quantitative data which I would imagine could be difficult to do with computing...but I look forward to seeing the scenarios.

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    Just reporting link too that goes to a planning doc ....and also it would be really helpful if the links could open in a new tab you don't wipe what one has started writing in a comment box :) thanks

  • No direct experience of the process as a whole but I have gathered data previously as a review of our online safety teaching through pupil voice and online data analytics.

  • I am interested in the evaluation part of the action research in terms of pupil voice and analysing the effects that perhaps using PRIMM has had on the lower ability students...and applying computational thinking language to identify processes.

  • Hi. I am a Junior School computing teacher and recently started as a CAS Hub leader. I'm always looking to improve practice and gain new ideas, particularly with supporting those in my class that find processes in computing difficult to manage. I have recently started using PRIMM a lot more in my practice and would be interested to investigate this further...

  • My approach as a computing teacher for the primary age range has been to look at what I would have been teaching and try to focus on providing an activity where they can still experience the objective even if it isn't in the same way I would have taught it face to face. I'm also very conscious of the fact that I don't want to increase their screen time any...

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    This week I want to make the process of accessing student work more seamless for staff by ensuring everything requested of a student goes through a Firefly Task (as you would set a Google Classroom assignment). Even if the students don't have work to submit, marking the task as done will give a clear indication to the teacher as to who is doing what and...

  • We are using Microsoft Teams for staff collaboration and sharing of resources. this has really helped in 3 main ways. 1)to reduce the number of emails to trawl through! 2) allows a conversation and support around topics through a chat feed and for other voices on the staff team to offer support and these conversations can be referred back to later 3) instantly...

  • What I really like about this feature is that you can present your screen with the grid view so students can see eachother even if they haven't been able to add the extension themselves (usually because they are using a mobile device or tablet).

  • @JenniferWolf The military setting in Austria sound interesting...can you explain more? Is there a way that even a group of your colleagues could organise an informal CPD approach - coffee breaks? tech breakfasts?

  • Empowering staff to feel they are supported and able to take those risks is key.

  • A great point @CarolS and I agree that there has been great sharing of ideas and collaboration already on this course. There has been much advice and guidance offered from everyone beyond the mentors and facilitators!
    In reference to the "tech resilience" discussed above, in my experience of the deployment of iPads to Junior pupils, this was one area of focus...

  • That sounds like the college have really thought about their implementation process @SueNash-Skinner . Do you find that a lot of cover is required for the teachers to go into other classes to support?

  • I'm sorry to read this @DebraC and completely appreciate that the time challenge and other pressures on schools can mean that effective training, or more importantly the follow up support, may not always have been clearly planned out in advance. As CPD managers it is just as important to consider the evaluation and follow up process when planning the initial...

  • I think this is a very interesting point where CPD has become (in some school environments) not necessarily something that is done at the same time at a set time. Instead, teachers are given the tools like Nearpod and Bookwidgets (as you mention) to complete their CPD in a more flexible time frame at their own pace.

  • @AndrewPetford and @adamporter great tips!

  • Absolutely @KarunaDatta-Bhatnagar and so often having training materials accessible online for anytime access for staff can be a way forward in offering support at different levels. I have seen this done really well buy grouping skills into 3 levels of mastery providing access to online video and web self support/learning.

  • I’m sure you will be supported in your new job @EstherRosilloPascual. Hopefully you can find out before you start the main technology being used or online platforms and explore them through online webinars or video resources in preparation.

  • Welcome to the course @ArjumandAsif and great to see the point being made about selecting the most appropriate digital tool for learning as opposed to making an impression on parents and alike. I hope you find the course beneficial and thank you for your kind regards.

  • A lovely attitude to your own development @CarolS and that of your students. With the right tools in place technology can personalise and enrich the learning experience of your students.

  • Often admin tasks teachers undertake can be approached with better more efficient methods. Perhaps your knowledge of admin systems and more efficient methods using technology could have a direct impact on teaching colleagues?

  • Often it works with Quizlet and Kahoot to change the focus around and ask the students to create the quiz. Even if they simply prepare the questions and multiple choice answers which can then be made by the teacher to share with the class. This has been particularly successful for stretching the more able in consolidating their learning.