Louisa-Jane Smith

Louisa-Jane Smith

I work for the Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education and support their Research and Innovation Project which develops initiatives to expand innovation in the healthcare sciences.

Location United Kingdom


  • Me and my husband recently renovated our house.

    Which aspects of your project were successful?

    It was successful because we ended up with a home that suited our needs as a family and was mainly to up to the specification we had set (give or take a few compromises).

    Which aspects of your project were unsuccessful?

    The project ran over time and...

  • Hi, I’m Louisa from the UK. I am in my first project management post in the higher education sector and I am looking to further my knowledge of the tools and techniques that can be used to manage projects successfully. :-)

  • 1. The critical path method is activity focused whereas the critical chain method focuses on the resources needed.

    2. Project buffer protects the target finish date and is placed at the end of the critical chain. Feeding buffers protect activities on the critical chain from being delayed, these are placed on non-critical chain activities.

    3. Resource...

  • 1) The critical path method estimates the minimum amount of time a project will take to complete and determines the flexibility of each path within a project.
    2) The critical path is the longest path
    3) Subtract early finish from the late finish for each activity
    4) You work out the ES and EF for each activity
    5) You work out the LF and LS for each...

  • This first week has introduced me to many terms I have not been aware of before and I plan to look into these terms more in order to fully understand them and apply them at work.

  • Define an activity:
    The tasks that are required to carry out and complete the project.

    At what point can you transition from the project scope to creating the detailed schedule?

    Once you have defined the main activities needed to achieve what is outlined in the project scope.

    Explain the PDM and the 4 types of predecessor-successor...

  • Hi, I'm Louisa and I've been in my first project management role for a year now. I work within the higher education sector in the U.K. I'm fairly new to project management and am looking to undertake a formal qualification in this area (though there are so many out there I'm a bit confused as to which is the best one to take). I feel I manage my time well at...

  • Hi I'm Louisa, I am based in the U.K. and am in my first project management role. I am keen to expand my knowledge of project planning and hope to learn some new tools and techniques that will help me to manage my projects at work. I have done lots of studying in the past and have a bachelors degree in Education and English and a Masters degree in Children's...

  • I believe the project could be deemed as a failure because the necessary testing was not completed earlier and the deadline for opening may have been unrealistic. As a result public relations, company reputation and customer service have suffered. Keeping customers (as major stakeholders) informed of the project's progress and any anticipated delays or issues...