chris markley


74 years young retired Man/Dir building refurb co working primarily in the commercial sector City of London with all that implies. father, grandad and great grandad therefore important to update.

Location Hayes/Kent/England/approx 10 miles London Bridge yet fully in the garden of England avid gardener




  • Well presented for the first quizz

  • Good morning to all involved in the course, looking forward to learning more about my body functions on a personal basis (making sure that i don`t become a barrack room expert) particularly looking forward to the various quizzes as have completed many during my time with Futurelearn

  • Sounds an interesting place to study , i last visited Coventry 50 years ago when it was still re developing /re building from severe war damage

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    A whole new challenge but excting and interesting particularly the international element

  • Enjoyed the whole course

  • As i did not complete this part f the course was i unable to pass review but overall i enjoyed the course conten t / presentation

  • Which is the most successful means of modern research, planned or handed to a researcher

  • Interesting video PLUS i could actually hear it please turn up the sound level as my set is @ max yet barely audibal

  • Properly applied seems an excellent way forward(i`m still struggling with all the long/complicated words but will persevere

  • Excellent

  • as well as the subjects noted above i`m looking forward to seeing GRASS ROOTS RESEARCH METHODS being clearly demonstrated

  • Not often you see white/blue/grey collared workers actually getting thier hands dirty @ design stage

  • Historically i would have supported multi research facilities to CAST an eye over elements of each subject / project but this appears to have attracted a bureaucratic bean feast with all its attendant problems it appears that the approach in this course should go some way to curing this basic ill

  • Your foundation philosophy gets my 100% support,

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    This first week has been an eye opener which has been interesting and informative , i never realised my poor old CINDERELLA industry was so clever and forward thinking , keep up the good work

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    I am very impressed by the subject being studied / applied by apparently every Country worldwide having a constructive input as historically the STATE SECRETS OF ANY INDUSTRY were sacrosanct, if this course is followed to conclusion we should NEVER see another GRENVELL, I will certainly pay much more attention to and acceptance of modern ideaologies (including...

  • it may take some time for me to assimilate all the varied but linked information shown but over riding this we should not lose sight of the basic practical nature of this wonderful industry

  • An interesting but completely new subject to me which will require some studying to come to terms with the modern definitions of historic situations ,as the building industry is basically a 99% practical concept i suggest that Constructivism or its modern derivitive would be a good HUB BASE as this seem buried in the above text

  • My own experiences in research projects is to concentrate your thought processes to the matter in hand difficult when numerous items influence your subject matter coupled with the validity of some / all of the items surveyed

  • This element is a basic concept of human existence but has been to some extent placed on the back burner as like breathing we assume it will naturally happen so this section is a perfect wake up call NOT to forget the obvious

  • A lot to take on board and comment on particularly the ???? missing item why build as this drives the overall subject what to / where / what for / etc etc ALL the industry has to do is get the answer right.

    NOTE TO COURSE LEADER I was unable to log onto section 1.5 as no sound available

  • The comments given in this section regrettably seem very similar to those that were available to me me when i started my building career 60 + years ago , WAKE up world before its to late

  • All good positive reaction which will go a long way to ensuring current problems DO NOT ARISE again in the building process from day one to the long term occupation of these 100% safe for use structures

  • Looking forward to reading the worlds comments /views / ideas/solutions and general sense of where its oldest profession is going in the 21st century and beyond, please to see your inclusion of written record notes as an I T novice i sometimes feel left out of the spirit and ability to keep up, looking forward to learning from the course

  • Good morning to all associated with this course, my name is Chris Markley a 76 year young retired managing director of a building refurbishment company based in London living in Kent within 10 miles of Tower bridge, today is a beautiful typical English autumn morning and it feels good to be alive and active in a rapidly changing / challenging construction...

  • Post WW 11 Schooling left little room for any formula that was not based on the "3 R`s but later college education gave some insight to the equality world and this continues to this day

  • Continues in modified (hidden) form today

  • Difficult to accept that to this day and continuing societies continue to prevent a full,free & essential equality of role

  • In my younger days all types of barriers existed both to employment /progress once employed /stringent rules and numerous situations considered today as farcical applied and still apply to both women and men in some sort of hieracical social shadow of the 17 th, 18th & continuing centuries

  • Interesting to see the important effect that the modernisation of consumer demand played a role in breaking the circle

  • Interesting / informative appears to confirm facts of the day

  • There has obviously been major changes in societies attitudes / needs over the past centuries but not sure that all have contributed to forward thinking , in deed it appears that uni-sex views have developed in ways that are radically different but may not result in what views are currently in vogue, makes life very interesting

  • I have found the course very interesting / informative and will continue to follow its passageways into the future. I hope all those that have taken part in/ involved with with this program have also gained useful practically applied commercial abilities to justify their study efforts, good luck/ bye

  • My simple view is the wish that all 3 alternative worlds would stand still long enough for me to succeed in one of them

  • Is it possible/practical for the good parts of modern medical procedures to lend a hand to speed up the ever present HUMAN BRAIN failings, that would be some break through

  • In some ways i regret being "long time retired" as i am only following developments from comparison to a pass perspective without enjoying the buss of using "the next" way of doing things, but on balance, i have had my fill of the inbuilt stresses/strains to achieve current operational systems so good fortune to all who take up the reins

  • How are unit costs calculated / managed in such complex / fast moving environments particularly where variations occur ( already spent costs) absorbed into the scheme of things or placed as a simple overhead factor

  • SOUNDS VERY CLOSE TO FULL CIRCLE buyer manufacture/supplies themselves, really is 22nd century to me

  • Is there a FINITE point that effectively becomes ZERO