Pamela Bogart

Pamela Bogart

I teach English for Academic Purposes and English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher preparation courses at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


  • @MonoaraNashrum Aw, thanks for your kind words!

  • @CarlaPalma Thank you so much for sharing all of these resources!

  • @CarlaPalma A favor chain is a neat idea!

  • @anelisemachado what kind of study/work do you do in Brazil? That might inspire some ideas about how you could create spaces for more English communication practice.

  • One way to play with the tone of your voice is to take a recording of yourself, and then play it back at slightly higher pitch using free audio editing software, such as "Audacity." You can find "change pitch" in the Effects menu of this free software. Then you can echo your own voice at an artificially higher pitch.

  • You too!

  • Do you have a target university picked out?

  • Phenomenal! I look forward to learning from you as you explore this course.

  • Yes, thank you @CarlaPalma for this great advice. Seeking mentors and fostering mentoring relationships is a key feature of rewarding graduate study.

  • Aw, that's very kind of you, Monoara. Thank you! And happy new year.

  • Dear Izabelle,
    How kind of you. Thank you!

  • Terrific! We were just talking (yesterday) about the beauty of the natural preserved areas of Chile with a friend in Seoul who had traveled there.

  • What are you currently doing to improve your language skill? What are your communication goals?

  • Glad you're taking the class, Usman. Your greeting brings up the useful topic of location-based greeting customs. Typically in U.S. universities, "ma'am" and "sir" are avoided, going instead for Dr. [family name], Professor [family name], Ms. [family name], Mr. [family name], or another prefix that the person has identified on their website or social media...

  • You too, David. Happy new year.

  • Nice to meet you too, Ezzahra. Happy new year.

  • Thanks for your note, and welcome!

  • Important work in so many ways--environmentally friendly manufacturing, durability, ethical work practices, and more. I look forward to learning more about your textile engineering goals.

  • tell us more! bioprinting blood vessels, skin replacement, organs...?

  • What are you seeking to study?

  • i can imagine really interesting intersections between fashion design and sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, and economics. Are there social science intersections that interest you?

  • Great. What is your field of study?

  • Terrific.

  • Sounds like a wonderful long-term plan.

  • @AbdirahmanMuse Yours sounds like an exciting and high-impact field. I look forward to learning more.

  • Thanks, that's very helpful!

  • Your work sounds so high-impact. Fantastic. You've already formulated an elevator pitch here!
    I anticipate that it will be interesting for you to compare the features of your target program in the UK with programs profiled in the USA.

  • I'd love to understand more about your motivation to take this class, in that case.

  • Thanks for your enthusiasm about the class, Monoara!

  • Nice to meet you too!

  • Glad to hear you like this list! what do you like about it?

  • Likewise. The first things I think about are friendship and kindess.

  • I am a novice music teacher...I've taught a few private classical guitar lessons over the years, and this summer, will be teaching an introduction to plucked stringed instruments (e.g. guitar, ukelele, charango, mountain dulcimer, lute) to a small group of high school students. I look forward to learning from this diverse community of music teachers--thanks...