Daniel Mossberg


Educational Coordinator CEMUS, Uppsala University and SLU. Climate, energy and its social dimensions. Part of the UU CCL MOOC team. www.cemus.uu.se

Location Uppsala, Sweden


  • "Indigenous activists take to Seine river to protest axing of rights from Paris climate pact"

    - Who are the stakeholders — i.e., the different entities with an interest or concern in the issue?

    Indigenous representatives, different countries and constellations of countries, the UN.

    - What kinds of knowledge are being drawn upon (for example,...

  • Hi, Daniel from Uppsala, background in Cultural Anthropology, Environment and Development Studies, Philosophy, Art History.
    I'm interested in almost all of the research topics brought up, specifically the relationship between humans and more-than-humans, and the relationship between more-than-humans and the environment. Indigenous knowledge also interest me.