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  • I support the local economy by renting a car and spending money at the shops, restaurants and cafes.
    Buying from artisan markets, local artists and local farmers in particular supports the local economy and is also a unique experience to learn about culture and lifestyle.

  • The pandemic had, without a doubt, a tremendous impact on the tourism/hospitality sector - and it STILL does!
    It is safe to say that the pandemic is not over yet and it remains unclear when it will be.

    Depending on the restrictions that will be put into motion (not only by the country of destination, but also by the countries that the tourists are coming...

  • For me, it has been mostly 'rest and relaxation on the beaches', but due to the pandemic, 'combining work and travel' has become another important aspect.

  • This is an exciting question, which is actually not so easy to answer, as I come from a small and insignificant town that has no tourism. That's why I take the nearest, bigger town.
    A tourist attraction is the the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mathildenhöhe, where the largest landmark is located as well (The "Wedding Tower").
    I have to admit that I can't think...

  • Thank you very much for the kind introduction. I look forward to the exciting content of this course. Many greetings from Germany

  • Hi Carolina,
    your comment immediately made me think of a famous quote from H. Jackson Brown, Jr. :

    "Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language."

  • m A, thank you for your comment. I do not think that he suggests that Eastern thinking is win-win. Because how can there be a winner without a loser ( cf. 1.10). So I guess there are no such criteria.

  • Graham Jones, that's a very interesting view. I thought that this is a pretty neutal article because - in my opinion - there was no "rating" at all. What made you think there is a presumption "that one is better than the other"? I thought the views where just totally differtent.

  • "This is a grossly misleading article." - If it does not match with my opinion it has to be wrong/insufficient. Guess this is a perfect example of the prevailing view in the western society.

  • Absolutely. What a nice recap, Gareth!

  • ¡buenos días a todos! Mí nombre es Fabian y soy de Alemanía. Yo quiero saber más sobre la literatura de García Márquez.
    Quiero disculparme por mi pobre español.
    Deseo que tengamos un gran éxito.

  • Many thanks for this interesting course, especially to Dr. Cuisle Forde who presented the different topics in a very interesting and persuasive way!

  • By the way, this is a perfect illustration of the fact that different people from different countries have divergent definitions of what a crime is. As a German I have no idea why it could (or should) be a violation of law to build cars that can drive at 150 mph.

  • Lorna, in my opinion it is erroneous that most people only blame the car manufactures for the diesel emissions scandal. Of course, Volkswagen carried the misdirection to extremes by manipulating the software. But I think it is much more disgraceful that the EU has standardized a method of emission testing that provides results which are far from reality and...

  • Hello everyone,
    first of all sorry for starting the course late. That was a great introduction and I am looking forward to find out more about the complex topic of Crime, Justice and Society.

  • These are some really sophisticated thoughts, Alisha! Thank you for sharing them with us. :)

  • Fabian Leinen replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Same here, Charlotte! It is a great pity that people who work with patients that suffer from dementia often get no or only little attention for the work they are doing. My grandma was diagnosed with dementia (later the doctors told us that it is Alzheimer disease) and she spent her last years in a wonderful retirement home. When I think back I am still deeply...

  • I want to say thank you to my fellow learners and also to everybody how was involved in the creation of the course.

  • Your arguments are really strong and I partly agree with you. In contrast to your arguments, you could say that the individual freedom can be strengthened through the databases - which are essential for the determination of DNA , as we learned in this course - because the results can also clear somebody of a charge which might be otherwise impossible.

  • But try to imagine what every single achievement of clarification through this method means for the victims (or their bereaved family members).

  • What an interesting interview. Just one hint for the next round of the course: There is a small mistake at page 6 of the Transcript of audio. The lines 24-27 are still part of Alec's statement. I wish all my fellow learners and the educators of this course an enjoyable and informative day!

  • I completely agree with your arguments, Peter.

  • The results of the forensic investigations don't have to be unambiguous to be helpful. Also equivocal evidence can help to send somebody to prison, for example it can convince a judge to accept a search warrant.

  • Although fingerprints are unique, the pattern of relatives are alike to a certain extent.

  • Michaela, thank you for sharing this with us, that's really interesting. Im going to get some more information about Odorology!

  • I totally agree. In my opinion, the implementation of flat hierarchies that found their way into nearly every business branch creates very serious problems.

  • Thank you very much, it works now!

  • I can only read the transcript, the video could not be loaded. Anybody out there who has the same problem?

  • I have great respect for this lady.