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    I could give the students a choice of questions to research and let the students decide on some roles and responsibilities for that research.

  • I'm thinking about trying a new game with my new class, Spot the Difference using cameras on and off. I tried it with my teenagers and they loved it, although it took about ten attempts to get them to spot my change of specs! I was pleasantly surprised how it eased the pressure of some of my most academically motivated students.

  • Students’ own learning environment (18%), in the Poll results I found this surprising as my students are most motivated when doing live research or tasks together in breakout rooms

  • To assess writing, I find Microsoft Forms work really well as I can't always keep with the amount of input in the chat box

  • Chat function can be transformative for writing opportunity. It helps alot if teacher has a keyboard rather than struggling with laptop keypad. Some students prefer pen and paper, so it's great to give them a choice.

  • Low anxiety is the key

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    Pixabay for picture dictation, my teens loved it.

  • I liked the idea of students sharing photos of their shoes! Students can then try to guess who they belong to!