Anthonia Okoli

Anthonia Okoli

Location Abuja, Nigeria.


  • Hello all, my name is Ttonia and I attempt writing every now and then. I am currently editing a book for someone and there is talk of adaption to the screens. I would like to know the basics and acquire the requisite skills should that be needed of me.

  • The winter clouds were about to fall heavily upon the street where so many people scampered about the place. One of these people was Hilary and concealed inside her coat was a snub-nosed gun.

  • He sat there in the bus, heading home after a two years tour, lost in thoughts. He was not sure of the reception he would get from his 14years old daughter, and was completely oblivious to the stares his pink hair band was getting. He left for Iraq after his wife's death three years ago and hadn't been able to return home, he just couldn't bring himself to; so...

  • A good percentage of them had parents who either wrote, told stories or illustrated comic books. They had stuff in their head and writing was a way of expressing these thoughts and the emotions they exude.

  • I think there is a problem when the patient goes from worrying about her health or how to go through the day to not giving a care at all what happens, cancelling appointments and generally refusing to do things necessary to get well physically.

  • Hello all, I am interested in this course because I am intrigued with the vast nature of the mind and want to learn more about it. I understand that depression is not a topic that gets due attention in my part of the world even though a lot of people are depressed. It is my aim to learn and share.

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    Hallo, mijn naam is Ttonia. I'm Nigerian, English is my first language. I also speak two local languages, Igbo and Hausa. Thrilled to be learning Dutch.

  • Put balls A, B and C in a bag and pick one at random. Any ball that wins is guaranteed to be 33% of the peoples preferred choice and 33% second best choice. That wont be so bad. Just like Jeff Green said if there is no best choice, then what's the point? We can have either A, B or C and still be fine.

  • If I'm a part of the process of setting up restrictions, I won't be found kicking against them. If majority of stake holders are a part of the process of deciding what restrictions are necessary for the general being of the community, the monitoring will be minimal and enforcement less rigorous.
    Laws and restrictions should be flexible and necessary.
    If a...

  • 1. Equality; allowing for respect and equal oppurtunities.
    2. Respect for life.