Caitlin Power

Caitlin Power

Mechanical Engineering Apprentice who gets confused very easily so I'm hoping a few of these online course will boost me up !
Interests - Video Games, Comic/Books, Netflix and Crafting!

Location Belfast UK


  • I've found week one pretty awesome, I'm not picking everything up straight away but after going over things a couple times I'm starting to understand more and more of why certain symbols and numbers are where they are !

  • is this one just for fun ? do we need to know this ?

  • what does P(n) mean? I understand everything else just not that ?

  • I understand it now!! It took me a while and a bit of back and forth between the video, the transcript and my notes but I got there!!

  • How would I start to solve this? Is set Z related to Sets A and B?

  • Caitlin Power made a comment

    my own answer to both of these would be "doing mathematics" through mental torture, I've never been any good at it and find it very intimidating

  • this part has me majorly confused can someone explain it please

  • I'm looking forward to it all as in my job I struggle to put reports together

  • Hi everyone !
    I'm Caitlin from the UK and I'm an Apprentice in a small consultancy firm. I'm learning all about mechanical engineering and we had a presentation from a PV company so that has peaked my interest !