Martin O'Hanlon

Martin O'Hanlon

I love technology and creating projects and learning resources for Raspberry Pi. As a child I wanted to be either a computer scientist, astronaut or snowboard instructor.

Location UK


  • Hi, my name is Martin and I am an educator at the Raspberry Pi foundation. I will be around until the 3rd March to help answer any questions and provide support. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • >Education is key to protection!


  • Thank you Matt. I enjoyed reviewing your lesson plan. I think the final activity to note possible alternatives is an important one.

  • Phishing is really important but there are lots of other initial attacks we should be cautious of.

  • > Also be wary of where you store the USB

    Yes, we often dont think about the physical security of our devices.

  • More effort and time is absolutely a factor.

  • 2. Im not sure its Lazy, but I agree that inconvenience creates a barrier. The perception is that security is less important than ease of use.

  • Hi, I am Martin an educator at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and I will be around until the 27th Jan to help or answer any questions. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi, I’m Martin and I work for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I will be around until the 23rd December to answer any questions and offer any support. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • >If all code were to run in ring 0, any coding error will affect the smooth running of the system as a whole. It may lead to crashes.

    Indeed, it also represents a security risk if all software has access to the lowest level.

  • Welcome Victoria

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  • Hi Miems, is there any help I can give here? Was there something specific you didnt understand? Do you have any questions?

  • I think that change has already happened. Certainly for consumer computing.

  • You dont have to worry about getting an answer wrong. These are mostly fun questions, designed to get people thinking about how the demands for data storage have increased.

  • Welcome Margaret

  • I hadnt really thought about the need for a CT scanner to have a GPU, but I think you are right, the need to do image manipulation and analysis will undoubtedly be a requirement.

  • I think they are both good ideas / thoughts. There is obviously no right or wrong answer here.

  • Hi Muhammad, was there something specific you wanted more information or help on?

  • Hi, I'm Martin and educator from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I will be around until the 2nd December to help answer any questions or provide support. I hope you enjoy the course.

  • Welcome Dawn

  • @TonyMo thanks I will take a look.

    As you are getting the same result from different IDEs it suggests to me that the root cause is probably your food.txt file. I suspect it has “windows style” line endings (/r/n) in it.

    If this is true, how did they get there? Did you copy and paste the data for the file from the browser when taking the course? I…

  • @DavidRaguin Thank you :)

  • @TonyMo I see. What environment (operating system, python editor, etc) are you using? I surprised you saw that.

  • Welcome David, you may also be interesting in our Introduction to Databases and SQL course -

  • Absolutely, a tree structure can be represented in a CSV file but it would be a lot less intuitive.

  • What were you expecting Tony?

  • It is. Thoughts on why this might no always be desirable?

  • With 0 in the file seems to force python to regard the highscore.txt as containing numbers, not a string.

    I suppose it is a little simpler than that. If the file had nothing there would be no highscore at the start of the game.

  • You may find it helpful to have a look at our programming 101 and 102 courses, maybe skim through and recap.

  • Welcome Tony

  • Hi, I’m Martin and educator from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and will be around until the 28th October helping to facilitate the course. I hope you enjoy the course and learn something new.

  • That is a great example.

  • @TinaHagar Hi Tina, as an alternative which may help you here is a video lesson we created for Oak National Academy on number bases which includes a section on converting denary to binary.

  • I’m here :)

  • Hi Tina, how can I help? Was there something specific you struggled with? The process of converting number bases (e.g. denary to binary) can be a little daunting the first time.

  • Hi Tina, I have fixed the link to the survey form. Apologies.

  • Welcome to the course. Im Martin, an educator from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and will be joining you until the 16th August to help facilate the course.

  • Hi Kimberly, this course would definetly increase your knowledge around programming, networking and protocols. If you are looking for a networking fundamentals course I would recommend our “An Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers” course ( - you can sign up and take the course now.

  • Interesting. I just downloaded the PDF and tested the link and was successfully taken to

  • @MurrayBelchamber John was referring to the draughts board

  • Was this deliberate to see if anyone was awake?

    No, just a mistake. It has never been reported before. Thank you for letting us know. I have updated the content.

  • Thats a great example. Thank you

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  • @MarkWeddell I really like the idea of offering users a choice