Richard Burnard


I am fully retired and am looking forward to learning about the weather and expanding my knowledge of international governance

Location London


  • I am pretty old for this course ( I am 72 years old). I am keen to find out what is going on and why as hear so much disinformation on the media. I live in South West London and I notice that even in my small area things have changed dramatically since I was a boy. When I( was growing up we always had some sharp frosts during the winter and warm, but not...

  • I thought the first week was really helpful .Although a lot of it confirmed what I already knew it was all very helpful in me putting stuff together

  • It cant be easily quantified so not perceiving it as a risk gets rond the problem without solving it

  • Describe what a good email marketing strategy looks like and how to encourage searchers to visit my website

  • Still continues to be fascinating

  • Finding it really interesting and informative. Really looking forward to the rest of the course

  • Quite agree with the bulk of the comments. Looking forward to getting down to some research about both my parents