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Elizabeth Baker

Single Mum to two children. Busy at work, busy at home; Never stop! Always looking for challenging and new experiences. X
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  • I can imagine hearing Take That singing re-light my fire wouldn't inspire me either! R4 will be my choice in the morning to see what inspires me! Lets hope they're not talking about the US presidential campaign! Now there's a story that doesn't need to be written! ha ha
    Its odd though as I'm usually like that but tonight the words have been flowing....

  • I remember.....listening for his car to start. Hardly drawing breath lest I miss hearing him go. Another car on the street. Already accelerating. Then as it moved away...nothing. Straining for a sound. Nothing. He had gone. And she hadn't even felt the yawning pain of his departure as she heard his car dive away.

  • I agree! Who would have thought starting with something like that could lead to such rich writing!

  • Emma said....she was bored of baking. She didn't know who she baked for anymore. She used to enjoy baking, and the comments she got from those lucky enough to savour her experimental flavours. It gave her a temporary fix of attention. Filled a gap. It was only filling the gap left by him. What now. What hobby now.

  • I really like that advice. Like they've said earlier, sometimes the everyday situations make things more interesting.

  • The cookies, tumbled from the plate like loose change from an unwashed trouser pocket. Scattered on the floor like leaves in autumn.

  • She always looked forward to this time. Her daughter climbing while she was able to sit in relative silence bar the occasionally shouted instruction or children’s laughter. The smell of coffee and bacon wafted up from the counter downstairs and her writing tools set out like an orthodontists glimmering tools waiting to be utilised. Perfect.

    She always...

  • I decided to open my mind when I listened to that segment. I did what one of the writers mentioned and just wrote. I wrote words that came to mind in my newly chosen "journal" to harness at a later stage. Raging, Sensuary, Sincere, Slips, Profound, leave, spun, saracon. Lets see where these take me. I am an early bird but I think my head is far too active in...

  • This was difficult! Here goes!

    3 facts; 1 fiction
    “But I am happy! Why do people feel that if someone doesn’t have a partner their life somehow isn’t whole?” Once again she found herself defending her self-preservation techniques. She wasn’t asking for advice or support, but people seemed compelled to give it. She actually felt occasionally sorry for...

  • I like your first one. Good opener; makes the reader wonder what it is. I like the last sentence too. I can relate to it so it makes you feel you understand what the writer is saying.

  • Thank you! I agree that just changing the word "try" to "commit" place a different spin on it and should work better. :0)

  • Im looking forward to trying the attention switching technique tomorrow. I feel like I may already do it in most cases but I'll focus on it and find out! :0)

  • Ill keep trying this Bernie. I guess like bringing my mind back it will become easier :0)

  • I enjoyed doing this and did find it easier to do than when im just trying it myself. Heres hoping my puppy starts to learn and becomes a loyal pup!

  • I find it really difficult to bring my mind back. I even picked my phone up while was watching the video of Richard! ha ha how bad is that! I realised what I was doing of course and put it down and turned it over. Im hoping bringing it back will get easier as I do struggle. Any tips anyone? Im sort of visualising, like Richards hand, physically pulling it...

  • I agree with Melissa. I find it best to distract myself with something that I need to put thought into. Sometimes I'll tidy but little thought process there so my mind wanders easily as nothing to focus on really. (I did try last week but difficult to focus on mopping the floor!) Always helps me to write things down too - maybe write down how you feel and how...

  • I really enjoyed this course. Thought provoking and inciteful.

  • I looked at the ratings a few times but know what I like and don't when it comes to art so I wasn't influenced at all.

  • I really enjoyed this video too! Liked the sailing analogy. Makes a lot of sense when applied to other events also.

  • My head hurts again! But an interesting summing up. I felt it gave me an "ahhhh" moment of enlightenment!

  • I agree and related his reference to being dropped into another society to my most recent job change. I knew how to do the job but quickly learnt that I had to learn how to do it in the new organisation given a different grouping of people, policies etc. Took me a while before I felt comfortable suggesting / making changes. Good job I wasn't a termite Jo! Gulp...

  • Took me a while to get into this video but I persisted and it paid off. v. interesting and informative.

  • I get fidgety when I have a stress response and cant settle or sit still. I cant concentrate in the matter at hand and its nor productive. I hate it so Im very much looking forward to trying itout.

  • Well done Dilly! Go Girl! x

  • I really liked this video. I replayed some parts of it to understand it more. I go into default mode and worry about relationships, or money or weight gain. All stuff that isnt in the present and not conducive to my wellbeing! I'll try some of this tomorrow when my mind begins to wander and it most certainly will :0(

  • Ill try to be mindful when:
    Washing the dishes; putting my shoes on; drinking my coffee in the morning; drying my hair. Ive been struggling recently to listen to a particular friend talk. Im not sure if im tired as im usually a good listener.

  • I actually found it easier to concentrate on his than the body scan last week. My mind wandered less as I was concentrating on one thing. My body felt lighter afterwards. But then my dog started to tickle my foot with her whiskers so I came out of it quite quickly ha ha I'll try this instead of the body scan.

  • I feel I am still curious! Im 46 but love to take close up photographs of the outdoors. Budding flowers, creatures. I love to talk to people who can tell me something new. I love to watch my dogs, and any wildlife so I can see theirs behaviours. I'll try anything new to experience it. And I listened to my breath today as I was singing and knew I needed to take...

  • Im the same.Worst scores this week. I really had no idea on some of them but maybe thats because I didn't engage well with the theory this week. My least favourite week so far. I struggled to get through it and it didn't hold me attention. . The only thing is seemed to tell us was there is a difference between us and animals in the way that "we think". ha ha...

  • Maybe its just me again but I dont understand what we were trying to do here. It quickly became apparent that it was just odd one out, rather than, in my mind what everyone else would choose. What everyone else would choose, for me would be preference, rather than just odd one out. Why give us a picture of a lion statue with three horse statues and ask us to...

  • Ha ha i agree on that one! I wondered why they picked 6! What was that about? I picked 2 also which was the furthest on the left and I thought "everyone likes 2" lol

  • Thank you Kathleen :0)

  • Fab round up and feed back from Craig and Richard.Some good tips too which I can use to enhance the whole experience. Heres hoping we all get a lot of good from this! See you next week everyone! x

  • HI Sophie, Where were the full stop and comma exercises? I didn't see them.

  • I agree Anne. Im going back to Richards until ive had more practice with it.

  • I hope I can be determined enough to do this everyday and feels the effects you have Kathleen! I think I tend to feel I dont have the time, but recognising the benefit would make me free up the time!

  • Ive purposely held back from posting on this one as I wanted to try it for a few days to see what the effects, if any, were. Ive done the 5 minute body scan in the AM and PM for 2 days now. Did I function better? I actually dont know! I had to do a lot of organising yesterday and was very focused and as a result recognised that identified quicker and easier...

  • That's fabulous Jules! Ive just laughed out loud :0) Well you can have the banana and the apple and probably feel a bit sick when you've eaten them to which Id say " awe, poor you" but secretly be pleased. But, you don't know that I really don't like either and have a tangerine, which you would prefer too but didn't tell me so I'm going to eat that right in...

  • Elizabeth Baker made a comment

    I understand this and likened it to some relationships. Where perhaps neither individual is sure what the other wants, ie their objective which leads to interpretations of your partners actions based on your own objectives. These can be way off mark if there is no joint agreement on the objective which can lead to collapse if not discussed. Sounds good to me!!

  • Ok, am I the only one who struggled with this? I tried to stick it out but struggled because I was already lost. I did rewind a few times but nope. Nothing. Ive even ready some of the comments below to see if they helped....that's when I realised most people understood this. Therefore the good things is that Ive not been influenced to say otherwise based on...

  • Lets keep trying it Shelly. Hopefully it'll become easier :0)

  • I like that - observer of your life. Is it six sheets? Id better go fill the printer before it splutters! :0)

  • I struggle too Ana, as I forget or feel I dont have the time but it should help us. Lets give it a go!