Anna Middleton

Anna Middleton

Past Chair Association of Genetic Nurses & Counsellors, UK; Head of Society & Ethics Research, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge; did genetic counselling training in Manchester

Location Cambridge, UK


  • It's so exciting to see you all on this course; Jon and I hope you enjoy it and enjoy connecting with each other. This is YOUR course and you can chat with each other as you learn

  • I'm really pleased you enjoyed the videos and found them helpful. I play Helen in the videos and it was great, as a genetic counsellor, to walk in the shoes of a patient and I would thoroughly recommend everyone tries role playing

  • Great questions. It depends on how much information you have on Peter from Genevieve and how close the family are and whether they are engaged with and know what Genevieve is asking. In the UK, it would be usual to give Genevieve a consent form to pass on to Helen (if Peter is a child) or to pass on to Peter directly if he is an adult. This would ask for...

  • Great comments so far, thank you. There has been a long history of debate within genetic counselling about whether to use 'patient' or 'client'. 'Patient' tends to be the term used in clinical practice in the UK, but personally I'm not a fan as it feels a bit outdated - it feels like it creates an uneven power dynamic where 'doctor knows best' and 'patient...