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  • I wish stud the best approach to treatment of brain tumors , in this context the most important issue is the outcomes.

  • This study discuss the development of brain tumor treatment

    The best treatment and concepts to try improve time of life expectancy and quality of life, until end of treatment, to avoid ineffective treatments and in this way, avoid bring suffering to patient and unnecessary costs

  • I planning make a master how my next step education, I´m a teacher in a medicine school at last 4 years and believe this course can be the beginning to write a project

  • We need research to understand any different process in any organization, and after research we can make the best decision.

  • It means the two cromatids are product of replication, therefore one is a copy of other.

  • This is called spliceosome or Small nuclear RNA

  • Does the start codon to metionine required to translation too? or just in transcription?

  • 1- no
    2- no
    3- no
    4- yes
    5- yes
    6- yes
    7- no
    8- no
    9- no
    10 - no

  • I believe the study should be double blind,

  • This procces is very complex but absolutely necessary to avoid bad practices.

  • Almost in my country

  • A big team, but I believe the large majority of research team are single or double

  • It is important to have the right answer with a small possible cost.

  • Respect for the others is the most important principle of all relationship. It can't be different to research, an example is the consent of patient to participate of each research
    Furthermore, avoid problem is always good!

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    It is very difficult to separate the interest of who funding the research and the results. The industry who usually financed the trial need sell that medication in study after researching finish, because it is the reason to finance the research.
    In the other way, anyone can make a research without money.

  • selection bias, performance bias, and detection bias are related with internal validity, isn't it?

  • Scenario 1 and 2, the doctor know who is administered placebo and who receive treatment, so he have expectance of results. The best way to design this study is the doctor and patient be unaware about who receive and who not receive treatment.
    In Scenario 3 they can answer the questions think about treat or not

  • How is the test for internal validity and external validity? Internal validity it is easier to think, about biases, but how it can be made for external validity?

  • How select the test used among absolute risk, relative risk, or odds ratio?

  • It is important to what something have to do a what something doesn't have to do

  • Each phase of study in clinical trial will increase the number of sampling.

  • The time of treatment. We need ensure time response of treatment

  • We must know all types of bias to avoid them. But for randomizing controlled bias is selection bias the most common .

  • Great opportunity for who wish begin research. Thanks!!

  • Have a lot of reasons to privatisation of water provision. The first reason is because the failure of current system which is provided by public ownership, this include lack of investment, fail to fix the system leakage and payment issues. The other reason is because the World Bank pressure to government administration reform their structural system how...

  • 2 is the paragraph leader. Paragraph 1 and 3 support the paragraph 1

  • Development of a vaccine for the disease is high priority.
    The dispute cannot be settled unless without government intervention.
    Chemical analysis of the rocks revealed a high contend of cooper
    A decline in applications to study engineering has led result the closure in some departments

  • Probable I use the last one , All 4 options are in Academic speech but the last have more trustable sources of information

  • I usually use google scholar, and sometimes if I find some interesting article I pay to open.

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    The most relevant text is the second text. This text have more general information to start the discussion
    The first text have a lot if references, the second have some links ant the third doesn't have references.

  • 1- efficiency is a mistake, the correct word is efficient , an adjective is required and efficiency is a noun
    2- Healthly is a mistake, the noun required is health
    3- high is an adverb and the word required is a noun height
    4- the word sells is a verb and the correct word required is a noun sale
    5- adverb of fast is the same word fast
    6- unemployment is...

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    I didn´t remember what is the function of words neither in my language. So it is a review for me.

  • The words highlighted with Blue are verbs
    The worlds highlighted with yellow are object
    The worlds highlighted with pink are adverbial
    The worlds highlighted with green are subjects

  • What aspects population ageing can affect, economic, heath problems, work force? I should select someones to discuss. It is impossible to discuss all in just one essay

  • The academic essay is impersonal and formal language, to this target, academic writer must avoid pronoun like you, or I, instead it should use these or this. It don´t need call the attention of the reader like in a journalistic essay.
    The use of sources of information became the ideas more reliable, it is not just a opinion of writer.
    A large use of...

  • Academic writing should be impersonal,

  • Hello, I´m Renato, from Brazil. I wish improve my writing skills. I hope use English skills to write article and research.

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    The main thing I learned is organised ideas. explain thoughts in the right sequence to be better understandable
    Thank you very much

  • I didn't understand what means with ugly, I believe it means my conclusion was bad explained and not understandable.
    I will right the essay and looking for to gramar mistakes witch was write in my feed back

  • My thought is usually disorganized, I have lot of difficult to write words in the correct sequence to being understandable. Commonly I write and when I read after, I observe that "it is not what I want say".

  • Avoid pronoun I can be a good way to be impersonal

  • Introduction: There a lot of old people studying English in the language school. Each day more and more people decide looking for these schools to learn more.
    Paragraph 1: Have a lot of reasons people decide foreign language after certain age. Some ones decide because want make other graduation after retirement. Other ones wish go to a different travel in...

  • Why does people decide study english in advanced age
    - Increase comunication skills
    - Ride before end the career
    - Be better to travel after retire
    - To occupy the time
    - Desire a new degree after retire

  • I can think in other titles , like " Why does people decide study english in advanced age" , it make the idea more clare

  • People who live in the country side have more peace, no transit, no pickpockets, but they have few place to leisure. I t