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Antal Goldschmidt

Associate Lecturer, MSc Cybersecurity Coventry University Online

Deputy Course Director, Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity Coventry University

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  • @VarshiniThangaraj Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!

  • I am unsure, depends on the loadout. you can check if vmware comlains upon install.

  • @DmTl That is normal, as they are mostly configuration files. If you have vmware installed the .vmx extension file should open in that. Alternatively you can browse to the folder from vmware itself, so it only shows the appropriate file.

  • @GivanildoAlmeida Also make sure that you actually have vmware installed so it can deal with the VMs

  • @EstherMsuya It is perhaps better just to move on if it does not work.

  • @GladsenMwaba Feel free use that then

  • I do not understand that error, I never encountered that before.

  • @MohamadouBachirou not really, but you can move on without doing the practicals.

  • it mihgt be that the keyboard of the VM is set to US english try shift+2

  • Nice one, if it is on your home network and accessible online, it might be used to pivot into your network, but that is a long shot and I am not sure it is worth the effort for anyome.

  • @TrinaEristhee make sure you start the docker deamon with "service docker start" and try again

  • @TrinaEristhee That is the right attitude!

  • Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!

  • @ManishVerma I guess it all depends if they connect and talk to eachother without our actual input.

  • @VinaySharma It is a bit custom but not by much.

  • Welcome @MuhammadAffanSaadi ,Good thinking, this course gets you started in a couple transferable
    computing skills as well.

  • It is as @RichardGartside said, but @JiunT thanks for providing detailed and constructive feedback, I will make sure that it gets passed along.

  • @MoeenUdDin Welcome, yes there is at least that benefit of covid :)

  • @MikeGough Hi Mike, great to see someone with a lot of experience around here. If you feel that you have constructive feedback, just let us know.

  • @LeenaGale Thanks for participating. There are no points that you can miss in an introductory course, you participated and did well! Thanks for tuning in.

  • @NtokozoMthembu Yes unfortunately, and we expect more to come to light.

  • @MayureshMORE I think unfirtunately the answer for this will be "it depends" on perhaps location and company

  • @RichardGartside when you do the ping do you actually get any response? I think there is a networking issue between the host and the container.

  • @DanielDiaz Please use English as that is the course language.

  • @AzeemKhan "sudo apt-get install nmap" should do the trick. But generally Linux is very well documented, so ou can find out a lot just by looking for it online.

  • @RichardGartside Seems like these VMs and Vmware does not want to work for you. What you could do is use Virtualbox if you used it before, with any linux you find working, like Ubuntu. All you really need is nmap, docker and a firewall installed, which can be done easyly by you.

  • @GideonDeWit All I can say reall is to try again perhaps in a time when your internet is a bit more quiet. Sound like your broadband does not work fully all the time.

  • @mishalshah Hi Mishal, I am not sure that you are aware but using all caps on a platform like this could be considered impolite by some.

  • @TrinaEristhee All I can help is the same with others, make sure you have a complete download and you unzipped the VM before trying to load it.

  • @PeterBarlow I think definately as that would be nested virtualisation at the very least.

  • @TimWootton It is an interesting point. There are similar issues discussed with just the software in general all the time by the field. Open source can be secure? Who is actually auditing the open souce stuff?

  • @NtokozoMthembu Great question. There are projects out there toi help people to control their own infrastructure, but they are still beyond the average persons capability.

  • Do not give up, the try harder analogy is what this means to simulate, just like in the real deal :) Check for hints if you are stuck than more than an hour or so.

  • @ashiceBlue Do not give up, the try harder analogy is what this means to simulate, just like in the real deal :)

  • @MartinCarpenter Make sure you start the docker deamon first with "service docker start"

  • @AbishekPaudyal Make sure you have the complete download and you unzipped it before starting.

  • @JiunT That is awesome news! This is a learning curve, and you managed to get it working. Well done!

  • @ataakjohn I think you are describing Legal. There is a difference between ethics and legal.

  • @AzeemKhan As a fellow teacher, I recommend talking to the teacher insted of the 5 years+ jailtime hacking potentially give you :)

  • @TobyClarke Very good points. Other question could be do we trust OTA? Look at Microsoft with their updates, they are large and experienced, but even them push sometimes something not good to the masses, in cars that could have life threathening consiquences potentionally.

  • Antal Goldschmidt replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    @AmatsuKitsune Very good point, how would you raise awareness? Most people think of a toaster as a toaster, not a device that has a microphone, and tracks your morning habits.

  • @GeorgeThomas Patrick made a great post on what to do just below:
    "Hi. The files are zipped and need to be unzipped before they will open in VM Workstation. If you do not have a zip utility you can find one here . After downloading and installing 7-zip, right click on the file with extension .7z and select extract here. This will...

  • @JamesOjo @YusufAdisa As James said. Thanks James!

  • @JiunT Yes, for some reason your virtual machine fails to boot complainig about the virtual HDD. The reason for it can be multifold. I think it is best to delete the VM folder, and unextract it again from the 7z file. Then once it works, you can get rid of the 7z file to save yourself some space!

  • You hould have a promt change in the bottom left, and then you can enter the command required to escape Vi

  • @GeorgeDor Make sure for level1 you use the level1 password. The actual game starts at level0

  • @AntonioJesúsDíazMora Did you manage to get sorted? The docker run requires at least 1 argument error is basically the tool complaining that the command is not in the correct format.

  • @JamesMorley Please get in touch with the unoversity about the details of you are considering the MSc :)

  • Thanks again, for all of you who took the time and provided feedback!

  • @TimWootton I like your definition of cloud :)

  • @RogerForster Thanks for tuning in nevertheless, and thanks for all the valuable comments you made along the way!

  • I do not want to bash your system but 8GB is pretty standard nowadays. I understand the frustration, but thereason the minimum specs are required, becuase we are essentially running multiple computers on top of the host computer and these resource requiremenst add together. It is just the nature of this field, you can not ever have enough RAM

  • @AntonioJesúsDíazMora you did not run the correct command. Just copy paste the one above into a terminal and make sure you have docker installed correctly and that your ubuntu machine has internet access.

    docker run --name nixtrainer --rm cueh/nixtrainer

  • @DavidC Actually you just need to hit escape once no need to hold. It is the infamous vi editor, if you want to find out more about it check out

  • Make sure you actually have the container running, and the docker command above succeeds, otherwise you have nothing to connect to.

  • There is WLS on windows, you can try that one and install docker if you are daring enough. Otherwise just grab the Virtual mashine.

  • @VictoriaHolland Well done! Usually the problem is the copy paste. Or make sure you are indeed connecting to level6@

  • @DavidC the command apropos

  • Hi all, this might be sometimes a challanging exercise to some of you, please aks for hints and if you done your work, make sure to check back and give some hints for the newcomers later on :)

  • @GeorgeDor I think it does accept, you just do not see the password entered(scurity measure) and that must throw you off. Try to enter it instead of pasting it.

  • If you are already running Linux it is great. If you have the understanding you can adapt your own system to work like in the tasks. Installing nmap and docker for example. It is a way of learning new additional stuff.

  • Make sure you have a complete download and that you extract the VM beforehand.

  • @SerhanRamadan you can use that, if you know your way around Kali, you can already adapt the exercises later to your system.

  • It should be done in around 5 mins usually.

  • @SarahGornall I believe it has to do with Mac permissions, try this link, altough it is for a different OS, I think you still need to enable stuff like this if I remember correctly. (not a mac user myself)

  • man pages, or if you don't like to read that much there is a project called which I quite like!

  • @StefanPauly It is just practice, if you need it for work/life it makes things much more efficient after you are over the initial learning curve. Enjoy!

  • @MohamedMohideenP.M Thanks for the extra info and your feedback!

  • @MohamedMohideenP.M That coulrse is not open to anyone, just to our MSc students. For that you would need to be enrolled on our full programme.

  • Excellent questions, this is part of active research in the area.

  • @MalcolmAttard Indeed and very annoying if a company does something like this.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

  • Thanks!

  • Nice one cracking it!

  • @MelvinAgaba Hallo Melvin, great to see you here!

  • @KrislGopal Make sure you check out the man page for hints!

  • Niceone

  • @RichardGartside Welcome back!

  • @PatrickRamsammy If you have other ways to do it please do share!

  • @PatrickRamsammy Thanks for jumping in, what a nice community!

  • Check if it is not the password does not show problem.

  • Thanks for the kind feedback!

  • @GideonDeWit Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated!

  • There are usually 2 kinds of people here, the ones with some pre existing experience and the ones completely new to this. There are a lot of thing that can be going "wrong" (not causing any damage just not working) during the setup apart form not having enough memory, but figuring this out is a very valuable learning experience and you gain some transferable...

  • 1. Files are too big and Google does not want to analyse it.
    2. I think COS has been updated but the size on the page did not. The hash should be still good.
    3. There are several, depending on your system of choice. 7zip has built in ones, some people use powershell command Get-FileHash.

    Hope this helps!

  • @MatthiasGiger @KrislGopal Exactly like Krisl said!

  • Try it anyway, perhaps it will work.

  • Why not? Making it work is half the fun/experience :)

  • RPI 4 does not meet the requirements for virtualisation, that said it isalready running linux, so you can try and install the tools encountered natively, if you have the know how.

  • Only if you convert the VM

  • To follow the exect exercises you need a VM. WSL has Kali, but it would not work with the target as it works on a different platform.

  • Hi all, there are many solutions available to run VMs on your systems. As you can imagine there are a lot of combination of systems people have access to. These exercises are designed to give people a taster who never did things like this before. If you have the skills feel free to do it your way, if you are new to this world, just follow the guidence to get...

  • Interesting points all :)

  • Hi all, welcome to the course! I hope you will find this course beneficial. I am one of the Online Associate Lecturers and I will be around answering queries/ questions related to the material. Just post your thoughts/ questions under the relevant section. I hope all of you will have a good time.