Ian Larson

Ian Larson

Ian is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University. He is widely recognised for his innovations in student learning in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Location Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University


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    I am glad you have found our course engaging. And thanks for your question about quiz summaries. As there are many, many thousand people taking this course, it is not possible for us to provide everyone with a summary of the questions and their answers. Sorry! I do know that in previous runs, some learners took screen shots (Print Screen on a pc,...

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    We hope you enjoy our course and learn a lot too. Please feel welcome to use these discussions to ask questions if you’re having difficulty, and to help other people if they’re stuck. Cheers, Ian

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    We are glad to see that you are all enjoying and learning from our course. Dan has just uploaded four videos with feedback on some of your discussions in week one. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, these feedback videos might help clarify some of your thoughts. Our channel is called, not surprisingly, The Science of...

  • Thanks for all the positive comments, although I admit some can find this first week hard going! Please persevere and remember that you can go back through any of the videos any time that you need.
    This weeks sets the foundation, most people find the following weeks less challenging (and more enjoyable as they are directly focused on a health issue). Stick...

  • The tablet formulation exercise I refer to is actually in Step 3.16. You can jump ahead and do it now if you want, but please remember to come back an finish the remainder of this week! Thanks, Ian

  • If you think the instructions are ambiguous, you can ask the pharmacist to write it down in plain English and perhaps stick this to the medicine box. Or perhaps others have their own way of remembering?

  • Yes, units need to be carefully used and interpreted! As you say, mg (stands for milligrams) is quite different to Mg (would stand for megagrams but is not commonly used). The difference between these two units is a factor of one billion!

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    Welcome to our course. We won't be able to answer all your questions but we will chime in every now and then if the discussion is going down the wrong track. We hope you enjoy our course and get a lot out of it!
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    My apologies for the misplaced transcript! It is here again now.
    And, yes, patches for different drugs work in much the same way.

    Thanks, Ian

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    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. While we are generally not responding individually to every question asked, we are trying to answer common questions in a series of videos on our course YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp8ENReT_kw6YRPm33MIVQ). Please visit our channel regularly to see the new videos we have...

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    In response to some of your questions, David has recently posted a video on our course youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp8ENReT_kw6YRPm33MIVQ

    This video will help your understanding of molecular design.

    Thanks, ian

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    Kirstie, Lyn, Dan, David and I have found your discussions interesting and insightful. Please visit our youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp8ENReT_kw6YRPm33MIVQ) to see the first of our week one feedback videos, more of which will be uploaded today and over the weekend.

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  • test mesage

  • I agree with Matt and Jeffrey below. To write the correct instructions for someone to follow to create an artistic piece needs an understanding of the final product itself (to follow the composer analogy above). And then the interpreter (or musician) adds their own flair and, or course, interpretation, and so are artists too.

  • I'm still blown away that these images are created by computer!

  • Hi, Ian from Melbourne here, I'm very interested in the mix of programming and creativity.


  • Ian Larson made a comment

    my first mooc, I'm ready!!

  • I am a late starter too and am looking forward to this course

  • Due to the slightly different roles they play, neurons would have adapted to look a bit different too

  • I guess that my brain is involved in everything my body does, with or without me thinking about it

  • to me, a change in weather means changes from sunny to overcast or to rain etc, while cliamte change means changes in average temperatures, for example, over a much longer time frame of maybe decades or longer